Here is Tom's story with the BBB and his dealer thus far:

I sent the paper work in today to the BBB to accept arbitration, GMC has 30 days to fix my vibrating 1999 sierra truck, the technical expert sent out by the BBB said it was a manufacturing defect, it is a crying shame when you have to go to court to get GMC to try and fix your truck, the local dealer, Performance Chevrolet - GMC in Seneca, SC did not have a clue as how to fix this problem, I will never step foot on that dealerships lot again, I had to fight with the service manager (T.C. BRADY), the service director (KEITH KINGSTON), the only help I got was from the sales manager (RAY MURPHY) at least he tried to have them fix it, but he couldn’t do it all by himself, the GMC customer rep (REGINA NELSON) from Michigan, was lost, she started out the BBB arbitration with statement that the arbitration meeting needed to be over with at 12 noon( we started at 10:oo) as she had to pick up her son from summer school, this woman new she was having this meeting for 3 weeks, she should have made arrangements for someone to pick up her child for her, you could tell the arbitrator was not to happy to be told when the meeting was to be over with, as the arbitration proceeded Mrs. Nelson had none of her facts straight from the case, I had to set her straight and give the correct information as to what took place when and what repair attempts took place, this was totally un- professional and not what I expected from GMC, when this is all said and done I will be buying a Toyota tundra truck, as I have lost faith in gm products and this did not have to happen, but you will pay in the long run when all your customers have switched to foreign products since they are the only ones who stand behind their products and have pride in their workmanship and quality, you have lost a longtime gm customer as this was my 6th gm product in the last 20 years, but this last GMC truck experience has done me in . 

Tom Haslam

Chapter 2

I am going back to arbitration on Sept 28, a interim decision was reached by the arbitrator to let GMC  have 30 days to fix my vibrating truck, they took it in august 15 for the day, they sent it to a tire and wheel shop to have tires balanced, the (sixth time), I picked it up that afternoon and it was still vibrating, they call me on Sept 5 to find out how it was doing, I told them and they said they would call GMC reps to see what to do next, I informed the dealer his 30 days was up three days ago, we go back as I said on the 28 of this month for the final arbitration decision, p.s. the first arbitration was to let a technical expert look at the truck, his decision was it was a manufacturing defect and the arbitrator then gave GMC 30 days to fix it. any advice would help, I hate to have it bought back since I will lose 2500 dollars in mileage adjustments at 20 cents a mile and twelve thousand miles on it, it listed at 24,000, I got it for 21,000 minus the 2500 dollar mileage adjustment, minus the 300 sales tax and i end up  with 18,200 and Kelley bluebook lists the truck at 19,700 trade-in, I lose all-around with the BBB deal, I need some advice by the 28th, help, 

Tom Haslam

First everything is negotiable...EVERYTHING. They are not gonna offer there best deal the first time. They offered me varying deals as my situation progressed. When I finally settled, they refunded every penny I paid plus they paid me $400 for my bedliner and put all my GM Card dollars back in my account. Be persistent. Try to get the phone numbers of all of the GM people involved. Stay in their face every day. They know you have a problem...they just don't care until it becomes a problem for THEM. Keep me posted as to your progress.



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