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Read your Chevy story on GMACsucks.com. How sad. But hey, at least they gave you a loaner! I am surprised that you would consider owning another Chevy. I never will. The BBB helped me out, and here is my story: http://www.km6xu.com/rnd_stf/s10woes
Good luck -- Mark

there's one thing I think you should do if they buy back the truck I would put a detailed list of the problems in several places such as taped under the dash or clove box under the seats both sides behind the seats at back of  cab, under floor mats or carpet just in case they try to sell it to someone else
Zoe Moore


I bought a 1999 Silverado Z71 Xcab in 1-00.  To date, it has been in the shop 10 times for various problems.  Only 5 have been repaired.  The other five have been ignored by GM with promises of "It's a normal clunk, thump, rattle" or "we are working on a fix".  I am a physician in Ft Worth, Tx and have owned 5 new GM trucks since 1988.  I currently own the above truck and a 1999 suburban.  Due to the poor quality of my $30k truck and lack of support from GM, I will NEVER own another GM product as long as I live.  I go out of my way to tell everyone I talk to about this situation and hopefully turn them away from a GM product. 
Shawn Davis M.D.


I am Trucknogood. You responded to my e-mail in Edmunds. As stated before I did win my arbitration case and GM has to fix the knock in my motor. They had  my truck for 20 days after the case. They pulled the pistons and said carbon  was causing the knock. Yeah right. Got my truck back and it still knocks. Now  they are going to put a new motor in. New motor is in now and it knocks more  than my old one. The info from you should be helpful when I re-convene my  hearing. Do you have anymore info about their motors. What web sites could I  go to to find out manufacturing dates and other particulars about their  motors. I am not gonna let GM beat me out of money on a buy back.  Please drop me a note on EDMUNDS under the 5.3 knock category.  Thanks 

To whom it may concern,
After reading the story on the web-page mentioned above, I don't think that I will be buying another GM product. In my eyes, a company as large as GM should take corrective action to resolve a problem like this BEFORE someone has to go through the trouble of devoting an entire web-page to get others involved. I currently own a 1996 Chevy K1500 that I really like... but I firmly believe that it will be the last GM that I own.
Please, do not let all of your loyal customers down by just sweeping incidents like this under the rug. When someone buys a truck, as expensive as they are these days, they expect it to perform like it's new. When it doesn't, they expect it to be fixed right. If it can't be fixed, do you expect someone to live with it? I've heard stories like this about Dodge, but not about GM.

Until last summer I worked at a shop in SLC, Utah which did all the wheel alignments for Salt Lake Valley GMC, a very reputable dealer there in Utah.  We (or rather my co-workers, I did all the brakes, tune-ups etc.) aligned  a bunch of these trucks and never had any that vibrated notably. That is,  at all-my shop was pretty discerning about stuff like that. I'm surprised  but glad to hear about this problem. I bet GM isn't. You know, all my  GM's are from the 70's when they were supposed to suck so bad, and gee,  they all have a million miles on them (not really, but alot) and run fine  with no abnormal amounts of maintenance. Now with all the robot  manufacture and CAD/CAM stuff they're supposed to be such better cars, it  makes me wonder how far we've really come. GM had a reasonably good front  end design in the older trucks, made better by Moog heavy duty ball joints,  they should have stuck with it. Or at least not gone to that wimpy,  Pinto-esque rack-and-pinion thing they use now with tie rods the size of my  pinky finger. Its no wonder everything shakes-the components are all  lighter duty than those in my old Cadillac, and with much bigger tires!  Its just too bad. But don't think GM are all alone in this. Chrysler  can't keep rear ends under their new SUV's, Toyota's 3.4l V6 in the Tacomas  loves to pop head gaskets, the Ford is, well, a Ford, the list goes on and  on. I'll just keep the old beater,,,   Well, good luck and I hope it all works out. I'd definitely try another  dealer though. It sounds like yours is pulling your chain. 
Tim Steinmetz

The GMC is one I am involved in as a voluntary advocate in a friend's dealer negotiations on repairing a persistent shimmy at 105 - 120 km  (approx 67 - 72 mph). The truck is a 99 Sierra 1500, purchased new here  in Toronto seven months ago. The first complaint was lodged with the  dealer after only 270 km (approx 160 miles), and has been back for the  same complaint on about 12 occasions.  The dealer first replaced the entire set of tires (at 270 km). This  removed most but not all of the shimmy. At the first rotation of the  new tires, the problem returned. The dealer's service manager states he  does not have a solution. The GM District Manager is now involved and  will render a verdict in the next day or so. Learning a lot from the  Web and like your idea for posting these complaints. Also worth noting  the truck has a clunk in the steering column for which they also have no  solution.  
Will let u know the outcome (can you say "Ford"?) 
John Howley 

Dear General Motors, 
To the dismay of the thousands of GM customers who thought GM stood for quality and integrity, we are totally disgusted at the blatent disregard for  customer satisfaction. In good faith the consumers are purchasing your  products and expecting GM to stand behind their product.   In our experience we have found that not only are the full size trucks  plagued with problems, also your dealerships are owned and ran by liars and theives who have no concern with customer satisfaction. As evidenced by the nightmare that my husband and I have been going through with Halifax Chevrolet in New Smyrna Beanch Florida. On May 31, 2000 we purchased a 2000 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab long bed from Halifax Chervolet and 42 days later we brought the truck in for an oil change and for squeeling in the steering column and a vibration at 55 mph. After several days of delays waiting for parts, the service department claimed it was repaired. To our dismay, when we picked the truck up it drove worst than ever. When we returned the truck the same day (5 miles down the road later) and told the service department that the truck was worst than ever, then they claimed that they were still waiting for a part and that they wanted us to drive the truck while the part was being shipped. They replaced two tires, rims and the steering rack and the truck still vibrates. But that is not the worst part of the story. Remember we took the truck in on July 13, 2000 and to our further horror the service department at Halifax Chevrolet wrecked the truck. The front passenger side and the rear passenger side doors were both smashed in along with the rocking panel. To our further dismay the service department at Halifax Chevrolet and GM Customer Service expect us to settle for a bonded and filled truck when we brought in a new truck to be repaired. Halifax Chevrolet and GM customer service claim that the truck will be as good as new. We have found that to be a lie, as evidence by the fact that in order for us to get a new truck Halifax Chevrolet wants us to take a $7,000 loss on the deal. I don't think so GM. 
M H Bland

Hi Clay, 

First, sorry to hear about your on-going nightmare. Hope you can unload your ride on GM. I bought my 2000 GMC Sierra SLT ext cab in  August 99. It now  has approximately 16k miles. Had or have the following problems: wind noise on both rear quarter windows, water leak in cab, throttle "sticking", and  cold start knock.   Before I took delivery the front right fender was painted - which was unknown  to me. Dealer offered to repaint but that would have added more paint lines  and possible over spray. Had to get GMC customer service involved to get my  rear quarter window part shipped from one of the service part facilities.  Fixed the cab leak myself after the dealer failed to fix the problem. My  wife and I removed the rear seat, seat belt bolt and plastic trim. She ran  the water and we found the leak and sealed with silicon. I have little  confidence in the dealer's ability to correctly identify and solve technical  issues. Things seem to work better if I know the TSB first.   I have found that we are very tolerant of defects in our trucks and ineptness  of our dealers, which is working to our disadvantage. Overall I'm very  pleased with the trucks towing capacity and "plush ness". On the other hand, a  Ford SD250 may be in my future.   Good luck to all you guys with problems, 
Duane in TN 

Just wanted to update you and let you know GM offered us an extended warranty on the engine last week and we did not accept. This week they  offered us a new engine. We again declined their offer. That should solve  our engine noise problem, but none of our other problems. Maybe next week  they will offer to buy the truck back. If not we'll see them at  arbitration. 

Melissa & Brian Dalferes

Boy do I have a story.... there's a defect with the 2000 Chevy Silverado trucks. I bought my truck in November, 1999 and have had a few of the problems fixed that are mentioned on your web site, rattles in the dash,  windshield noise, engine knocking when it's cold, but the latest is good.  We took the truck in on July 5th after noticing an oil leak. We keep our  garage floor clean so we noticed it immediately. When I took it in, their  explanation was that had had a sloppy oil change and that the oil was  dripped onto the ac compressor and THAT's what was leaking oil. Resolution:  cleaned off the engine.... approximately 30 minutes to fix the leak. They  didn't even check the engine out. After driving the truck 2 miles back to  my office, it was already leaking again. Took it back a 2nd time. They  said they replaced the rear main seal and THIS would fix the problem. Drove  the truck a few more miles, and it's leaking again. Took it back a third  time, and they tell me it's the oil pan, it's a "porous" oil pan and the  oil is seeping through it. They replace the oil pan. We drive the truck a few more miles, and it's dripping oil again. Take it back to the dealer the 4th time, and they're saying now they've replaced the oil sending unit and this SHOULD have the problem fixed. I've contacted GM. I've contacted the lemon law Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Basically, lemon law says they had to have fixed the same thing 4 times, which the dealer hasn't because they can't figure out where it's coming from so they just replace what they think is the problem. SO, I can't file for lemon law. GM and the dealer are both saying it's not their problem and that it's fixed. I'm thinking, it's a brand new truck, with only 9000 miles on it, it shouldn't have leaked oil to begin with and I want  my money back.  I'm disgusted with GM and their customer service. Maybe it's just me, but I  don't want the truck back no matter what they "fixed". I think it will  continue to have oil leaks and have problems.   I didn't see anything on your web site that mentioned having an oil leak  problem, but I thought I'd post my problem anyway. I'd like to see if  anyone else out there has had a problem. I've talked to two different  dealers and they've even admitted that they've had a few other 2000 models  come in with this problem.  Thoughts? 


Dear Clay, 

My name is Amy and I am interested in the 2000 Sierra shortbed Sport model of the GM trucks. I had just read your experience with your new truck and  want you opinion before I do something that I would regret. Do you think  that all the defects you had on your truck would also be a problem for me if  I got the different model? I would have an automatic transmission but do  you think I would have the same problems with the wheels? Or should I just  wait for the 2001 models to come out before purchasing a truck? Please  write back with your opinion. Thank you for your time.  

Amy Morris 

I believe the short beds have far less problems with vibration, because of the one-piece driveshaft and probably the physical length of the frame. At least I can tell you I haven't seen many complaints. I would wait for the 2001 model though....You should read the posts on the truck forum at Edmunds.com http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/engaged/edmund.cgi?c=Pickups&x=18&y=6 and ask other about their experiences with the short beds. I am sure there have been short beds bought back for vib problems. And there are other problems...I would wait for the 2001 just for the revised bearings in the motors. Who knows what the old motors will be running like at 80,000 miles????

I scheduled the so call "Final repair" as per the guidelines for New Jersey Lemon Law. I went to the dealer  On Tuesday morning with a list of all the problems occurring. The service manager sat there with the mechanic who would be doing the repairs listening....neither had a clue on any of the problems. Everytime I said the problem the first response from the service manager was "Never heard of that" my response "there is a bulletin on it." Back and fourth we went as I explained in detail to the service manager the problems and possible solutions. WHAT IS GM DOING. How can they not even be telling dealerships about these problems? Clay I want to thank you the information on this website is awesome. I really wish everyone the best of luck in solving their problems.  OH YEAH my loaner car from  the dealer......A Ford Escort.....how sad is that....GM Truck in for repairs and they issue a Ford Escort. 

Troy Murray
GMC's Once  Loyal Fan from NJ

Hi Clay,
 I've been looking for a site since I bought my 2000 Silverado 4x4 extended cab a few months ago.  My main problem is engine pinging upon acceleration in higher gears before the transmission downshifts. I saw the only similar post on the reader stories link on your home page yesterday. However, when I went back today, the server could not find the site.  Thanks for taking the time to investigate these GM problems, and providing a forum for us GM truck owners.  One suggestion, I would like to directly contact by email readers who write in problems that are specific to my truck, like the one post about engine pinging. 

Thanks again, 
Roger Mashburn

Thank You for this web page and to all the people that have contributed. I bought a New 2000 Silverado Ext Cab long bed with tow package-firm suspension on  Sun. 8-13-2000. Monday morning while driving to work I had the unfortunate experience of California Freeway Hop that Tom Hobbs and others have written about. This was most unpleasant to say the least. I also noticed a squeal when turning left and exterior wind noise inside. I called in the next day and they agreed to go for a test drive with me. I started checking on these trucks and found your page and a few other links. After finding all this info I was very worried. After the test drive the Service Manager ( who wouldn't drive the road I did but one he felt would reflect where I drove) said that's the way it's designed to work and that the steering noise and wind noise would have to be looked at. The next day I put 350lbs (6 bags of cement) in the bed at the tailgate and drove the same freeway where I first noticed the problem, the ride was a bit better. I understand that the package I had was a little heavy duty, but this is the  year 2000 and it would seem you should be able to have a decient ride in a 1500 that you would use for towing every once in a while, add to that the wind noise and steering squeal I felt I too was on the road to a lemon. I compiled this info, the TSB, some E-mails from your page (hope you don't mind) and some NHTSA submissions and faxed it to one of the salesman. I was also lucky enough also to arrange a test drive with  with the GM of the dealership the next day. At this point I associated (possibily in error) vibration and bouncing, and my VIN did fall into the Canadian Plant manufacture site on the TSB you posted. I had called a few suspension shops and found they were familiar with this bounce and releafing (about $650-$750) would help. Yesterday when I went into the dealership for the test drive with the GM a funny thing happened, they offered to "unwind" the deal and give me my old truck back, I could not believe it, I could not have been happier.  I do not know their motive, but I think the documentation I faxed was a big help. I was so worried I was going to end up in a situation like so many others that have posted here. I had resigned myself to it a big hassle for a long as I owned this truck. Days in the shop, paying to have it releafed, still worrying about all the other issues that I might experience in the future. I feel for a l those  out there struggling with theirs, I feel lucky to have dodged a possible lemon. If your ever in San Diego, if nothing else, dinner is on me. Whatever the motives ( I think the faxed info from your page was a large part of it ) I must recognize the dealer Bob Baker Chevrolet in El Cajon, CA. I did test drive a short bed 2000 Silverado from their lot (at their request) after all this and the ride was better but first left turn the steering also squealed in this truck. With all the info I found here I would have been a fool to even consider another Chevy, it was just a courtesy that I took the test drive. Still in the Truck market, going to look at a Toyota today. 
Thanks Again and good luck to all the others out there,
Patrick Sample

Attached is a letter that I wrote to GM using your site to send the complaint. I have a 1999 Silverado  LS  5.3 V8 - 2 wheel drive with most of the same problems that your site has listed. I apologize about attaching an email, but at this point I am getting really tired of writing letters about these problems over and over, with absolutely no results from GM. I have my LEMON in the classifieds for sale at a real beating of a $ loss, and will be shopping at the Toyota dealer this weekend for a trade-in on the van I should have bought in the first place. The doors on this truck are completely useless in today's parking lots for almost any purpose. Once you open them you can not get a grocery basket in to unload with a car parked next to you.  Clay - I work in an industry that makes an even more complicated product than a car -- Fighters and Bombers for the USAF. So I understand that when a new product is designed there are bound to be problems that were not anticipated. What I don't understand is the position that GM takes in these situations- They expect the consumer to suck-up all their design errors and have no idea that these consumers will never be return customers. I have to laugh every time I see a Silverado/ Chevy commercial saying they have the best quality and the most return customers. This will not be for long. As for me, I will not only never buy another GM product, but I will never buy another American car of any type. The American consumer probably has very little idea how much they owe to the Japanese car makers. What kind of product would we have now if they had not forced the American car manufacturers to re-think the quality issue years ago! Sadly they still have not learned enough, I saw an article several months ago about all the Japanese manufactures having full size trucks on the drawing boards. The comment from the American Manufacturers was they were not worried. This the same comment that they made about Japanese small car production and mid-size  car production and luxury car production. I have no doubt that the Japanese will kick GM/ Fords ass when they finally do come out with a full size truck that is comparable to the domestic truck. 
Marc Colunga

GM repurchased my 2000 truck-----shakerado------never a GM again

I have one of these shakeroooos. I've been through the whole mess of the BBB. what a joke that was, I work for GM, and the words from a top official told me that there was a problem with these trucks and they know it. They have been working on this problem since it has been built. well let me tell you guys that I work for this company and they would not even help me. 
well thank you again GM.




Hi clay,
I'm sure you get bombarded with emails since you've put up your web site, but I do have some good news.  My 2000 GMC had one of the rear quarter windows replaced last year and the other has needed replacing since then as well.  I also had the "gas pedal sticking" situation. Both are addressed in  TSBs.     I took my truck to the dealer at lunch yesterday and by 6pm, the dealer had a new window installed and had installed a new throttle body assembly, as well as, changed the oil.  I was shocked.  I had the service desk clerk call the service manager over to verify that they had actually done the work this morning when I picked it up.  My assumption is that GMC is requiring dealers to maintain service parts on the most common service bulletin items.  We've got to figure out who will carry the torch when your particular situation is resolved.  Who will keep the web site updated?

Good luck,

Dear Clay,
 I too have A 99 Sierra with all the vibration and shake problems. Having been in the car business for 15 years I bought my truck used with 18000 miles on it. I now know why the first owner turned in his lease in 6 mo. I first thought the problems were the tires. So after two sets of custom wheels and three sets of tires I still have the factory wheels and tires and the same problems. My local dealer who I did not buy it from has been great. That is after I informed him of what I found on your site. Now I have 28000 miles on it, cant afford to trade (I've tried) warranty running out quick and afraid I'm stuck. My steering wheel shakes so bad on rough roads I have felt A loss of control on curves and rough roads. They have already changed the rear springs, shackles and front hubs. By the way it has A new transmission And still has the whine. My list is endless. My wits are at an end. Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated. 

Steven E. Truman 

Dear G.M.,

Over a year ago I called your customer service center to complain about the vibration problems on my 99 Silverado. (file# 990505976) My truck has the infamous "launch shudder" while towing and a violent steering wheel shake, on occasion. The truck now has developed other shakes at various speeds and is feathering one of the front tires.  My dealer has been as helpful as possible, but they, like others seem to be clueless as to a fix. The tires have been replaced, and have been balanced several times. The rear springs and shackles were also changed. Nothing has seemed to help the problem.  After MANY phone and e-mail conversations with fellow Sierra and Silvered owners it is quite apparent that no solution has been found. Many owners have had nearly the entire drive line and  steering components replaced, to no avail.  I  would appreciate hearing form SOMEONE at G.M. that is familiar with these vehicles!!!  If a solution isn't found I will unload my Chevy and buy something I never believed I would own, a F__D. My wife and I have owned over ten new Chevys over the years, but our present ones will be the last!!  Thank you,
John Pratt

Received the truck back from the dealer after 4 days of their usual  professional service. They manage to fix half the problems...shocking. Still  have a seat that rattles a vibration at 0 to 45 and now that they reset the  shift patterns I constantly am shifting. Good job GM. Needless to say I  contacted Tony marsh at GM and offered to make a deal. You replace the seat  and extend the warranty and we call it even. GM response extend warranty 12   months 12000 and send a tech to fix your seat. When I asked why no just  replace the seat answer "we are in the 2001 model year and there is no 2000  seat available." BEWARE occurring to GM no surplus of stock for 2000 models.  So what my next step  Lemon Law in NJ is going to run me about a 1000 right  of the bat for the lawyer, Boogie's corner was free so he received a copy of   everything. But I think the lawyer is the next move.  I just can not understand why GM can't address these problems and do it  quickly. Please GM enough of the games if this had been a GM Hughes piece   you would have replaced it by now. 

Troy michael Murray 

I am very frustrated with my 2000 Siverado, I have nicknamed "VIBRATOR".  I am also very frustrated with GM and the runaround I am receiving!!!!!  It is obvious to me the frame design is not performing (Acts like a Tuning  Fork  echoing all bumps into the cab of truck). This truck is dangerous over 50  mph!!!!!   
Gerald Bailey 
Fort Smith, AR 

A lot of owners had complained that their doors did not fit well. The dealers replied that the hinges could not be adjusted because they were  welded. Well,  I just faxed this to my dealer. The fix is clearly presented. My dealer is  following up on this to see if it will work on the 2000's.   We had a previous discussion about the difficulty I had with closing my doors.  The day we test drove, I noticed the shop foreman had to  slam my doors a few  times to get them to close properly. I did some research on the welded door  hinges and apparently GM has made some modifications, as their doors really   don’t fit well. Sounds like a pretty good fix to me. Let me know…     Info - Procedure for Aligning Rear Side Replacement Door Using Bolt-on Hinge  Kit #99-08-64-028 Document ID # 651547   1996 - 99 Chevrolet and GMC C/K (Classic) Pickup Models with Rear Side Door  (RPO E24)   Rear side service (replacement) doors for the above models are manufactured  with hinges welded in place. The welded hinges do not allow for adjustment,   making door alignment difficult. However, due to variations in build, some service  doors are not fitting properly without making adjustments.  Bolt-on hinge kits are available to replace the welded hinges and allow proper  door alignment. Using the following service procedure(s), remove the welded  hinges from the service door and install bolt-on door side hinges, P/N 15025195.  If proper door alignment is still not achieved after adjustment with bolt-on  door side hinges, remove the body side hinges and install bolt-on body side  hinges, P/N 15017902.  

Dean Kano

To whom it may concern:
In July of 1999 I purchased a 1996 GMC Jimmy SLE from Sunrise Pontiac Buick. (In Ottawa, Canada). The vehicle had 79,000 km when I purchased it a year ago. It now has 100,600 (or I have driven the vehicle 21,000 km). The check engine light came on about a week ago and I brought it to my mechanic for service. He could not get an error code and suggested I bring it to the dealer for service. I have done this and am now being told that the vehicle will need a new transmission.   How can this be. I believe GMC should bear some responsibility for this repair, as this transmission must be defective. It only has 100,000 km or 60,000 miles. My service oriented dealer believes he is in no way responsible for this repair not even partially. So much for a happy customer. I paid over $20,000 for this vehicle and think there should be some form of compensation regarding repair.  The mechanic and service agent have been extremely helpful. They are telling me the computer reads some transmission slippage. I am not sure but I believe this may fall under your Service Bulletin Number 9674L60E15 - Delayed engagement (replace pump cover assembly). If this is the case, obviously this is a known issue with GMC and there should be some form of compensation.  

Howard Whiting

I am experiencing problems with my 99 GMC Sierra 5.3 liter V-8: the window regulator, driver and passenger sides; wind noise from the windshield  and a ticking noise on start up. I saw your posting on GM Complaints and saw  that you had a ticking noise problem and was hoping you could elaborate on  the ticking noise and what GM's "fix" for the problem was. The dealership  has "fixed" the problem once before and had an engineer look at it this time.   I am still waiting on my truck from the dealership, which they have had for  a week; no where near  your 45 days! Please e-mail me your response at  bigaldoa@aol.com (I am using a friend's computer right now).   I will appreciate any comments or inputs you may have. I appreciate your  time!              

Allen Doise 

I had the same problems with a '97 Ford F150 I bought used with 32,000 Kms on it and 1 years warranty remaining. From the day I picked it up it had engine vibration from idle up to take-up speed....pulsed and vibrated at 110 Kph (70 MPH)on the highway, would shudder for no reason, and had some other minor (in comparison) faults. After one new engine, one new transmission, 5 drive shafts, one set of rear wheels bearings, numerous diff teardowns including new parts, rusty wheels replaced, and other small part change-outs, Ford told me to go away...there was nothing else they could do. I should state that the warranty had now run out as well.  The service rep, who I'd now got to know very well, suggested I take Ford to arbitration. This I did, and 2 months later I had a meeting with the Arbitrator, the Ford Rep  and the Ford service rep. After a 2 hour meeting getting nowhere, Ford offered me $5,000 off the price of a new Ford truck...this I refused. Next they offered to buy back the truck at about $5,000 less than I'd given for it. I refused this stating that I'd only done 12,000 Kms (Ford had done 4,000), hadn't seen the truck for weeks on-end, and felt they should 'put it right'. They upped the offer by $2,000, which I still refused. I was now getting pissed off, and when the arbitrator asked me what I wanted I told him we should get the truck independently inspected, and get Ford to put it right. He agreed, and informed the Ford rep this was the way we were going. As soon as this was said, Ford put their hands deeper into their pockets and gave me back the full purchase (including taxes) I'd paid 18 months before. Bear in mind I'd purchased this vehicle used (2 years old), had it 18 months and put 12,000 kms on it, and I'd got back every penny I paid for it. So I'm glad I went to arbitration....if you're in the right, stick to your guns and see it through. I was fobbed off with the same bull as you.... "has to be tires"....I'd had new ones fitted...went back had them checked (good job I new the tire guy well), "all trucks vibrate like this", "it's 2 years old, what do you expect", "you should drive my truck if you want to feel one vibrate"...this came from one of the tech reps who test drove mine...he had a Ford as well...you can guess that gave me confidence. BTW I now have a Chevy C1500 Silverado (again used....97 extd cab)....and I'm very happy with it.


Dear Clay: 

First,Thank You so much for building a place for share information on Pick Ups!!!!!  I can't believe GM treat you like that. That vibration problem is really a  BIG PROBLEM. They should give you a new pick up!!!!!   I have a question can you help me?  I have a 1999 C-20  Chevy Pick Up and a few weeks since I pick it up I star  to hear a noise. This noise is only when the pick up is moving slow, like  when you are parking in a mall. When I put D to move forward and then R to  go back and park the vehicle, I hear 2 sound they appear to be on the  wheels, but only when you have the steering wheel all on the left or on the  right.  When you go slow back and forward with the steering wheel in the center the  vehicle do not makes any sound.  So always are 2 bumps and only when the wheels are cross, on the left or on  the right. And only when the car is moving slow. This is my first new car, I also have 2 Chevy Vans but they never make this estrange sound, I don't know if the sound is related with the power steering, since any of my Vans have power steering. I didn't by Ford or Dodge because of there recalls and problems, but this  problem is getting me second thoughts.  The dealer says is normal that 2 sounds, that the springs or the parts of  the steering are adjusting when you go front and back, and since the vehicle  does not make any sound when the steering wheel is on center or in other  words to move in a same line back and forward, is not a problem of the Pick  Up and is normal.  I don't like the sound, seems like a part is cracking and I don't understand why always is 2 cracks. Can you help me, give me your opinion. Thank's Regards 

Juan Fernando 


About a year ago I called the fine folks as Chevy Cust. Service to complain about my cocktail shaker on wheels. They checked my vin number and decided my truck didn't qualify for any of the TSBs. My dealer finally replaced the springs and shackles last fall, nothing was any better. A couple of days ago I figured I would call for a file update and see if they had any new bulletins. Spoke with a very pleasant lady that explained they couldn't find my file number. No problem, she would look it up by my name and vin. number --still no record of my complaint. She then asked my problem and I explained that I would like to speak with SOMEONE familiar with these trucks--no comment, no reply!!! Her next step was to research their files on Silverado problems (ten minutes) guess what? There doesn't appear to be any complaints of problems with the rigs. She advised me to go back to the dealer and work with them.  From what I have read on your site, the dealers are clueless as to a fix. What in the blazes is a person supposed to do?? Anyone with ANY suggestions can reach me at pantload@odyssey.net.  Thanks,

P.S. I read in another post that the Customer Service people work for a company called Sitel, and not G.M., is this true???

Here is the latest from my never ending battle. I am coming to the conclusion a lawyer is the only way to go. GM seems to think this is big game they way they keep telling me to seek legal counsel. The most startling news is below. I tried to email this to GM but I could not get through to the link. Please forward it on for me or please send me the address so I may forward it. Thanks again this site looks great with the new updates. 

11/1/00 4pm picked up truck from dealer 11/1/00 10 PM Truck will not start.  11/2/00 Called dealer truck still will not start stalls out when does start. Dealer sent tow truck and mechanic. Mechanic seems to think it is a bad battery. Towed truck to dealership battery replace. Problem corrected.  1/4/00 truck pulling to left  Service on 1/17 nothing corrected told if need alignment would be a charge. Waited two weeks for appointment. Rotated tire and did oil change.  Noise in front end getting worse. Plate noise when in OD under no load at 1500 rpms and seat squeaking.  2/17 called GMC Robert Finstra claim # 00039802 Robert called dealer about issues alignment is covered up to 7500  2/18 Called Colonial set up appointment. Next avail appointment 3/6. Need truck left night before so they can test it cold. Will not have rental because dealer is closed when drop off will occur.  3/5 dropped off truck.  3/6 At 1200 PM truck had not been test driven for steering problem or the issue with the seat. That means noise in transmission was not tested either because why would you test drive for one thing and not look for everything. Also the steering problem occurs more when it is cold meaning morning not afternoon hence why it was dropped off the night before. That means by noon the only thing completed on the truck was the oil change.  GMC Robert called me at home explained noise are still there and told him I will speak to dealer directly. Advised to call him back if any problems.  3/7 all noises are still occurring called dealer scheduled test ride on 3/8  3/8 Took service manager for ride could not reproduce transmission noise. Called GMC Robert is unavailable  3/9 called GMC Robert is unavailable  3/10 called GMC Robert is unavailable  3/13 called GMC Robert is unavailable  3/14 called colonial about seat squeaking and steering column will try more lubrication next time it is there.  3/14 NHTSA letter found service bulletins for all issues forwarded letter to NHTSA for more information. 30 to 40 dollar charge to print bulletins. Retracted request.  Called GMC Robert unavailable GMC rep said to take numbers over to dealer and they will look up service bulletin.  3/17 Looked up service bulletins through ALLData at shop will bring to dealer.  5/22 schedule transmission appointment for 5/31 needs to call 5/30 to ensure loaner car.  5/30 Called loaner should be available.  5/30 Pontiac Grand Am loaner truck left at dealer with service bulletins on some of the problems. Explain how lubrication of steering knuckle corrected problem for two days. Cup holder vibrating, wind noise on passenger door, and turn off auto door locks.  5/31 Truck done 14:15 nothing corrected all unfounded. Steering was said to be fixed.  6/1 steering is corrected however vibration is still bad. Still happening under no load in OD at most speeds below 45. Steering column now rattles since steering is fixed. Wind noise on passenger side still occurs.  6/18 First driving light burned out odd noise with window. Replaced Light myself. Turned of auto door lock feature myself.  7/6 Second driving light is out will replace myself. Still have vibration and wind noise...seat squeaking again.  7/6 Sent GMC email with all info above  7/7 My response to this email: Thank you I see GMC is not willing to help out with these problems and the dealer is no help. You have left me not alternative options but to contact a my lawyer and the local TV and newspapers to express my issues.  7/12 Dear Mr. Murray,  Thank you for your Internet communication. We sincerely apologize for the concerns you have experienced on your GMC vehicle. Unfortunately, we will not be able to address your concerns through e-mail. This department does not facilitate the technical dialogue necessary to review your concerns. We depend solely on the dealers for their technical support. Again, we are sorry that we  are not able to respond to your concerns.  Sincerely,  Gail E. James  Customer Relationship Manager  GM Internet Response Center  7/12 Contact NJ Lemon Law group followed the advise to send certified letter to GM. completed on 7/12 have receipt.  7/22 Rec confirmation that GMC rec letter on 7/17. Per lemon law wait ten days.  7/27 10 days up no response from GMC called lemon law group they advise to call dealer and have final repair attempt made. Called dealer scheduled appointment for 8/15. Need to call night before for rental car. Dealer did have earlier appointment but I could not schedule until the week of 13th.  8/1 Clay made contact about GM Lemon website went there lots of people with same problems. Sent Clay my information and asked to be kept in the loop.  8/1 GMC responds schedules me for an appointment on 8/11drop truck off between 8 & 9. I have already scheduled an appointment with dealer for 15th Spoke to Tony Marsh 800 231 1841 ext. 57015 appt for 15th will stand. I am to contact Tony after appointment on how everything went.  8/10 Diana called she will be able to take Lemon Law case if needed.  8/14 Called dealer rental car will be available after 8am  8/15 Dropped truck of 8am gave Service Manager list of problems and solutions than I know about. Rec rental car from Enterprise one 96 Ford Escort. No EDOC given.  8/15 I CALLED dealer at 415 for an update because after 8 hours no word. All service manager could tell me is he hopes to have it complete by Friday close of business due to the parts he needed to order.  8/16 No phone call no status from dealer....GMC customer service is really important. Enterprise called me for status on rental...I advised to call dealer. Insult to injury rental car is a Ford.  8/17 I called dealer for status rear qtr window replace computer is reprogrammed hoping to have complete by Friday night.  8/18 truck completed.  8/21 Wind noise fixed on windshield and third door. Vibration noise still there seat still squeaks and clunking noise in rear. Called Tony to advise of status LWTCB.  8/21 Tony returned call advised that if I want to pursue lemon law he can no longer help fill out paper work and cont. w/state  8/23 Called Tony to make a deal. I would settle if the warranty was extended and the seat replaced.  8/23 Tony responds with an extra 12 months 12 000 warranty  however there will be no seat replacement due to the fact they are manufacturing 2001 already the only option with the seat is to have a tech look at it. If I pursue legal action this offer is off.  8/24 Tony called to see if I have choose my course of action. I have not. The reason why this means once again my truck will be in the shop and what are they going to do rebuild the seat? or if they do decide to replace it then I have to wait till it comes in and reschedule it to be in the shop again. Advised Tony I was unhappy with the response from GM he advised if I was unhappy I should look at my alternatives.    

I hope it is OK but I sent the web address to two NY news stations. I sent my story to the consumer corner and advised them for more stories like mine vist and I gave them the website address. 

I have a BBB arbitration date for the 13th of Sept. Will advise.   I've had similar problems with GM Area Service Manager and Engineer. When they used the EV they stated truck rides as designed. What the hell does that mean? My only hope to get out from underneath of this piece of sh-- it  the safety factor involved when towing a TT. Oh, one more thing I leased. So I don't have any investment in the vehicle. 
I will never buy again. I just leased my second LS1 Z/28, hopefully it's as great as the 1998. 

Dear Sirs: 
I recently had the passenger-side side-view mirror (just the actual mirror)  stolen off my 1996 GMC Suburban. I couldn't figure out why anyone would steal a $10.00 mirror--I thought it would have been less trouble to just go get a new one. I soon came to find out how wrong I was. GM does not make the snap-in mirror piece available. No, you have to buy the entire power mirror mount for well over $200.00 with installation. Why would a company make a fragile, exposed piece of equipment that can be  snapped in and out of place, but not make the replacement piece available? The only thing I can come up with is that the company wants to make a profit from forcing the consumer to buy a big ticket item when the problem can be fixed for next to nothing. (The replacement mirror is available for model years up to 1995--so of course mine is a 1996.)  If anyone can provide any other reason, I would be interested in hearing it. Thanks-you. 

James Black 

I own a 1999 GMC Z71. It has been a total and constant headache. It has been in for service at least six times and needs to go back in again. The only problem I have with that is that it is now out of warranty due to the mileage. Will GM still be responsible for the things that they worked on if they go bad again? I also have another question. If I obtain another lemon from GM in the future, will I have to go through arbitration? Why can't the consumers of these lemons just go directly to a lawyers office, hire a good lawyer, and proceed to sue the piss out of GM. I think this is what it will take to finally get the attention of General Motors. What do you think? Unhappy GMC Owner

My 1999 Silverado Z71 extended cab has a clunking in the driveline. You can hear the clunk when the truck is put in reverse or when it is put in drive. You can hear the clunk when the truck shifts from 1st to 2nd. You can also hear the clunk if you let the truck roll down a hill in drive and let it shift gears on its own. The 5.3 motor makes a very loud tapping sound for about 3 minutes after you start the truck. It has to be sitting for at least an hour or 2. The transmission shifts really hard at low RPMs but it doesn't at high RPMs. Is there a fix for these problems? The motor revs when you are stopped on a hill like it is in neutral when you try and go. Then the transmission slams it down in first gear. It also clunks when you let of the gas and barely hit the gas after you let off. The truck has been in 6 times for the transmission!! The truck has numerous dents from the factory on the sides of the bed. The bed has been ajusted but is still crooked. GM dealers said this was wrong the first time I took it in and the second time they said it is normal for the truck to have dents and the bed to be crooked? WHY? I have paid my parents about 30,000 dollars for this truck, and it is supposed to have dents in the bed and be crooked? Is my truck a lemon? Should I try to have GM buy it back? It spends more time in the shop then on the road, and when it is out on the road it just gives me worries about what will happen next. This truck is about 1 year old and only has 14,000 miles on it, I was hoping to drive it to at least 100,000 miles. My parents bought me this truck for high school and college. I have had to pay them every penny and more for what they spent on the truck! It has taking many hours of working to pay for my lemon. I want a new TRUCK!! One that I can actually drive to work instead of getting a ride to work. Please replace this truck for a 2001 truck that is the exact same as the one in the shop right now. It will be in the shop for about 4 weeks for them to "try" and fix the transmission and the engine. The truck has been in 6 times for the transmission and they tried to fix it 6 times. But now they are saying it is normal. If this is normal why don't the new ones on the lot do this? Do ya'll just grease them up so they don't do it? I love Chevrolets, but I am beginning to have a doubt on how good they are.



Sorry to hear about your problem.  that really sucks.  I have had a recurring problem w/my GMC Jimmy. It's a 1994 model but has recurring ABS problems.  you're not alone! good sites.  thanks for all the valuable info!
-Jaime Ann Rehus

I have a 99 silverado6.0 pick up with a engine knock. I have had it back for the engine knock 6 times now. I have found out that they have replaced the oil filter 3 times they have added engine additive which pisses me off I picked it up yesterday after they told me a week ago that they were going to replace the lifters well I picked it up they did nothing. they said now they decided not to do it because they do not know if it is in the top or the bottom of the motor they decided not to put lifters in it because if it was in the bottom they should replace the motor. well When i drove it home it pinged like mad which I think means they have played with the timing. so now it knocks and  pings. The seat latch broke one day when I had to stop quick and slammed my knees into the dash. it smokes when you start it and the dealer says they all do that. the paint is coming off the hood. I put a bug guard on it and the windshield gasket rattled so the dealer said the solution was to remove the bug guard. it has a clunk in the rear end the exhaust system pings, However even still my main complaint is the engine knock. It has done it since new I AM SO FRUSTRATED AND SCARED. 



My truck is in Sherwood Chevrolet in Johnson City, TN. They said that they are going to try and fix the engine and the transmission. The truck went in on 9/2/00 at 9:00 am. The truck has been in 6 times for the transmission. I have ever service record for that truck, I can show you that it has been in 6 times. I am tired of taking this truck in for service. I know that the transmission will go out soon and GM knows that there is something wrong with the transmission. Sherwood said that they would need the truck for WEEKS!! They did not give me a rental truck or car. Please get me a rental car! My dad lets me use his car to go to school. He doesn't have one! Is this fair??? Please give us a rental car!! I need it by this weekend for the SATs and my dad needs his car for work. PLEASE!!! 



Hello Clay, 
I to own a Chevy Pickup. I have had so many problems I don't know where to begin. I have had my truck in the shop numerous times for repair. They have yet to get it fixed. I had the same vibration at start-up. They also replaced the springs and changed the angle of the rear end. Took most of the vibration out but has the problem when I put a load in the back. The rear windows have been replaced twice, still not fixed. The transmission was slipping in first gear when starting, I told them I felt it was the torque converter not locking up, they replaced the trans. and it still slips. They have replaced the throttle body once and have cleaned it three times. starting to stick again. The valves rattle no matter what grade of fuel I put in the tank, I was told they do that and could not be adjusted. They have replaced both motors for the front drivers and passenger windows. I too have the same problem with my passenger seat vibrating. I do believe this is because of bad tires.  Does your engine knock when you first crank it up in the mornings? Mine sounds like a diesel engine for the first 5-10 seconds. I was told this was normal also.There is a slight engine idle problem with my truck also, I will be sitting at a stop light and it will almost go dead, hasn't as of yet, but it will eventually. I have contacted GM no customer service about a buy back, no luck. They told me my dealership has done all the right things and could not do a buy back. I can't accept that answer. I do have a lot of miles on my truck (61K) because I travel a lot of miles per day. I purchased my truck in November of 98. I have bought Chevy vehicles all my life, my Grandmother retired from GM. I am thinking of trading this truck in on a Dodge... 


Ii am going back to arbitration on Sept 28, a interim decision was reached by the arbitrator to let GMC  have 30 days to fix my vibrating truck, they took it in august 15 for the day, they sent it to a tire and wheel shop to have tires balanced, the (sixth time), I picked it up that afternoon and it was still vibrating, they call me on Sept 5 to find out how it was doing, I told them and they said they would call GMC reps to see what to do next, I informed the dealer his 30 days was up three days ago, we go back as I said on the 28 of this month for the final arbitration decision, p.s. the first arbitration was to let a technical expert look at the truck, his decision was it was a manufacturing defect and the arbitrator then gave GMC 30 days to fix it. any advice would help, I hate to have it bought back since I will lose 2500 dollars in mileage adjustments at 20 cents a mile and twelve thousand miles on it, it listed at 24,000, I got it for 21,000 minus the 2500 dollar mileage adjustment, minus the 300 sales tax and i end up  with 18,200 and Kelley bluebook lists the truck at 19,700 trade-in, I lose all-around with the BBB deal, I need some advice by the 28th, help, thanks 


i have a 1999 GMC truck that vibrates at 60 to 65 mph. The dealer says its in the tires. I have a set of Michelins that also vibrate. What course of action do you recommend? Thanks. 


I would fight fo a buy back if they can't fix it....Clay


Hi Clay, 

I just read your post a gmacsucks.com....I am having trouble getting any response from gm or my dealership on a 2000 car....still under warranty...but had almost 30,000 miles when I bought it.. Thanks for ANY help you can give me. 


I would call the BBB, they will get GMs attention....Clay


I have a 1999 GMC 5.3 litre. It is an oil burner. This thing smokes on startup like a blown motor. Then it clears itself to a rattle. It uses 2 to 3 quarts of oil in 3000 miles. I hauled a snowmobiles last winter on a 600 mile round trip and this truck uses 3 quarts of oil. It has been a total F@@K You since I got this truck. Luckily I have no vibration. Just rusty rear bumper, wind noise, front seat material fell apart, Chevy trim pieces on a GMC GO FIGURE! On the oil problem done the Oil consumption scene what a joke they more or less said normal oil consumption! They didn't want to know what it used under a load. Now they are saying the pcv valve is the problem. It has been over a year dealing with this one problem. I have always owned GM vehicles and I will never buy another. If you need any support count me in. They stuck it up mine for the tune of $30,000.00. Oh one other thing I have seen a lot on vibrations listed. I do know for a fact that they had alot of bad rear axles. Glad to see someone got a page up. Good Job!!!!!!

Jeff Noel


I have a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado Among having the shakes in both the rear of my truck and the front steering I have another issue my truck gas gauge gives false readings it will have a half tank and all the  sudden be on empty when I start it up now if I shut the truck down and restart it the gauge will return to normal.

Peter Locke


I don't have a sierra or yukon. I have a 1994 GMC Jimmy (S-15). I have had similar problems (a little from everyones stories). I read a story from Keith about the 'clunking'. My trucks, like all the others, clunks on take-off and at stopping. I also get a vibration. at around 60-65 mph. 1st time it happend, i thought i hit one of those rumble strips on the side of the road. After I realized I didn't, i got freaked out. Then they said it was the tires. So, I went out and bought BFG Long-trail TA's (great tires by the way). The problem seemed to stop...for a day. Then, the dealer had the nerve to say that it had to do w/the plow on the front of the truck. They think because I'm a woman, i'm stupid. I probably know more about the cars then they do. The obvious problem is that the driveshaft is the culprit...or should I say the yolk. There is a considerable amt. of play with the drive shaft. Also, my truck failed inspection because of the ABS. DMV (of New Jersey) said i had no rear brakes (some new tests they do that end up messing up the vehicles even more). So, I took a look at the truck and realized that the brakes needed to be adjusted and the adjuster was frozen. Lubed up and adjusted fine. Many people that I know that have these vehicles also say that the ABS is too sensitive. That's why I failed inspection. So, I'm now forced to go back and maybe fail again. I heard to try to counter-balance the brakes, to throw some weight in the trunk. Oh well. If anyone has anything to say about this, please reply here or email me. Thanks for your time and good-luck to all!

Jaime Ann Rehus


I wrote a month or so back. About the clunker I got - I'll call it a 1999 Chevy Z71 Silverado, Ext cab. Get this! I had it at the dealer for the 20th or so time for the front end noise (Crunching/squeaking) over bumps. The dealer takes my Westin side steps off of it & tells me they were rubbing on the frame. And then they have the gull to say "We need to collect for at least half the times your vehicle has been serviced. Well, they had well over 200 hrs into it since the 1st time they laid eyes on it. I told them <I'll use the polite words> "Shove it" I am not paid you guys 1 red cent, you can keep it! So, finally after a nice heated discussion with the service manager and his boss. They decided to "waive" the cost and just hope that GM wouldn't come back and try to collect the warranty repairs from them. HAHA, it gets better. I'm driving it home from the dealer and guess what !! it starts making the noise again - by now, I'm hacked. I drive it to a friend of mines garage, he test drives it, then gets on the internet to find. (Service Bulletin Number: 990308002A ) Component: SUSPENSION:INDEPENDENT FRONT Summary: SOME OWNERS MAY COMMENT ABOUT FRONT SUSPENSION COIL SPRING NOISE. *TT I take it to another dealer - just to see if they could figure it out - they did, the tech. took it for a 10 min test ride, returned and told me the above info. They replaced the coil springs and now I'm good to go. Now I want my side steps put back on, the dealer told me, they couldn't help me, that its a "after market product" and they don't touch that kind of stuff!  So, back to the bosses - on Monday.



I have 1999 sierra 1500 extended cab. I had Chevrolet dealership trouble shoot my squeal noise when turning left. The service manger used TSB 99-02-35-001 to try to repair the squeal problem. The drive belt was replace but did not correct the problem. Step 2 replaced the power steering, but squeal noise came back 24 hours latter. the service manger said it was the fluid flow. I don't think so! Please help with technical info. This TSB was written for a whine noise in steering pump and a chirp noise in steering pump said replacement of drive belt. I don't think this was the right TSB for this problem.




I Bought a 1999 Z71 with a 5.3L engine last year; the thing has pinged and clattered ever since it was new. The pinging is very loud. I have taken it to several dealership's to get the pinging to stop. Here are some of the responses: 1. The pinging is a result of running bad gas. 2. The pinging is a result of the aluminum engine; because it is aluminum, noises will be more noticable. 3. The pinging is normal; all engines do this.  4. The pinging is a "design characteristic". 5. The pinging and clattering will not affect the market value of the vehicle....honestly, would you buy a used vehicle if it clattered the whole time? The dealership I bought it from has said they cannot fix it and they refuse to make good on the truck. There motto is "Your #1 with us"; I happen to think they left out a one..which would make the customer number 11. This is the order of importance at any typical Chevrolet dealership: 1--the salesperson 2--the dealership 3--the service dept. 4--the General manager 5--Parts department 6--the service consultants bonuses 7-- the parts department bonuses 8-- used car sells 9--The receptionist 10--The flunky sweeping the floor and finally 11--The Customer 

Jarrett Grantham



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