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Hi Clay,
I assume you got my email address off Edmunds.com? I have a 99 GMC Z71 ext cab, 5.3 motor. My problems have been: 1: torque converter would make a grinding noise when it locked in at 40 mph. They re-programmed the the trans so it locks in at 54 mph. 2: now my I get 11.5 to 12.3 mpg in town driving and 14.3 best driving 50/50 highway/city. 3: when I shift from D to R I get a loud clank like bad u joints. It seems that the clank is coming from the trans or transfer case. If I get under the truck and turn the short front drive shaft you can hear the clanking. I think the 4x4 is still partly locked in. If I take off from a stop and turn I can hear the front tires start to slip, especially when the front tires are in sand. 4: it shifts hard into 3rd gear when driving like grandma at about 23mph. it sounds like slack builds up in the drive train and when 3rd grabs clunk. I have never had the 60 mph problem like the tires need to be balanced. I do hear/feel a slight grinding noise which I feel is the torque converter but it is hard to tell because of all of the highway noise. The service manages says they have had very little problems with the 60 mph vibration. They think it is because the sales managers only orders 2 different types of mag wheels. Keep me posted.

Hi Clay. 
I ended up dumping my 1999 Sierra because I was sick of the little and somewhat bigger things that were going wrong and could never be repaired properly. The last straw was when I took it to the dealer to have the front/rear axle gear lubes changed and they didn't put the required synthetic lube in the rear axle. It was frustrating that I knew more about the truck than the dealer that was servicing it! If you want more details of all the stuff I'll be happy to pass it along. But since I'm no longer a GMC truck owner I'm not sure if you want my input or not. Let me know! 
Bob Ross  - a Former 1999 GMC Sierra 4X4 extended cab owner.

I have a 1999 Silverado 3/4 ton ex cab long bed 4x4 and really am quite please with it... I had a few minor "glitches" in it and the local dealer fixed them promptly. The only what I call might be a major problem is in the exhaust system. At about 5,000 miles or so a "rattle" develops in the muffler and the whole system from the cats back need to be replaced. I am on the 3rd system now and it seems to be ok so far. I am just worried that if it develops again after the warranty runs out. I not sure but I over heard the service tech at the garage say that the system costs $3,000 and I don't want to pay that at a later date!! I am just wondering if you heard of this problem from any other Silverado owners, and wonder if there is a design change that needs to be done.

I no longer own 1999 GM Sierra. I traded it in on a 2000 Classic K-2500. The Sierra was just more trouble than I could stand. The transmission failed completely while I was passing a semi truck, I had to have the rear springs replaced as well as the driver's door mirror. The dealer was unable to find and fix a chronic body squeak (I fixed that myself.) The truck was a piece of crap. Good riddance and good luck to you.
Mark Reefer
Thanks for the info. I am afraid my transmission is going the same way. It began whining at high rpms. They reprogrammed it and now it just shifts a little different but still whines. Is that what you transmission did before it quit?
Clay Hodges

No. There was no warning except for a slight slipping the day before it happened. I was passing a semi and when I tramped down on the gas pedal to put it into passing gear, something popped and that was it. No more power. I just had to drift off the highway. When the tow truck came to rescue me, the rear wheels were frozen. He had to disconnect the drive shaft just to winch the Sierra up on his tow bed. When the dealer opened the tranny up to look at it, unidentifiable metal pieces fell out. They had no choice but to replace the transmission. But, both trannys shifted harshly and made for a terrible ride. This happened at about 7000 miles. My 2000 Chevy K 2500 runs great and shifts smoothly. It's the old style truck and has had most all the bugs worked out of it. Since I got rid of the Sierra, I have had one recall notice come in the mail for it. I can't remember what it was for. GM should be held accountable for selling those junkers. When I called Customer Satisfaction to open a case on the truck that was a whole other story. I heard nothing from them or the dealer for three weeks after calling them the first time so I called them back to ask what the status of my complaint was (this was for the squeaking body mounts.) They told me my file was marked "closed...... Customer satisfied." When I told them nothing had been fixed and I wasn't satisfied, the customer rep told me that they often close cases whether they are resolved or not because their caseloads are so high and their supervisors yell at them if they don't reduce the number of ongoing complaints they have. Can you believe he told me that? GM could care less about you after they sell you the truck. 

I still have my '00 Silverado 2wd, ext cab 4dr pick-up. I took the truck in when it had 400 miles (vibration 30-40 mph) they balanced the front two tires and said it was OK. As soon as I got the truck up to thirty mph it started vibrating as it did before. I called the service mgr. and he said to drive for a thousand miles, mabe it will get better. He also told me that perhaps the truck was tied down too tight on the carrier that delivered the truck to the dealer. What BS. When I got 500 hundred miles on it I noticed the vibration at 60-70 mph, took it back. the dealer took the truck to a tire store that had a load force tire balancer. They found a defective tire (Goodyear Wrangler ST) on the right front, informed the dealer that it needed to be replaced. The dealer took it to a Goodyear store and they said it was OK. When I went to pick the truck up and told me what happened for the last three days I had had enough. I talked to the owner who said hhe would buy me a new tire and get it load balanced. I did and it did help, not perfect but better than it was. However the 30-40 vibration is still there and so is the violent bouncing at higher speeds. When I told the owner about this he suggested that I take the truck elsewhere for service. The service mgr. said that they can't do anything else. I called Chevrolet Customer Service for a file number, and also sent in the new truck customer survey letter. I am getting totally ignored by Chevrolet and Christenson Chevrolet in Highland, In. Keep me posted about your web site.

I had the 60-70 vibration as well in my 99 Sierra SWB 2wd regular cab. I had numerous rotate-and-balance w/o change. Had leaf spring mount work and 3 sets of tires before they finally fixed it. Since my 3rd set of Goodyear Wrangler STs was installed, I have had no more vibration. I don't know if they did anything undocumented, but the final paperwork just showed tire replacement. I also experience the stickey accelerator pedal and the creak and pops from the suspension - usually when reversing after being parked for a while, but I have never had the engine die or any wind noises or steering/transmission whine. I have had the ABS brakes do a momentary shudder thing a couple of times, but nothing predictable. All in all, I am currently satisfied with the truck. I use premium gas only and add injector cleaner to the tank each time I change the oil. Runs great. Good luck with your problems and website.

Yes I still own my 99 Silverado. GM has not fixed the problems with the truck to date. The problems I am fighting with them over are the tires (cheap junk) and the speed governor which you also have on YOUR truck, you may not know it but these trucks, including most GM model trucks have speed governors which I am sure was not disclosed to you or any other buyers. They are set for 95mph and as far as I am concerned they are a defect. Also they are a safety hazard to anyone driving them on today's highways that thinks they have a vehicle that will accelerate out of the way of a hazard on the road. The fact that they don't disclose this information to the consumer and what highway speeds are these days has probably gotten some people injured or killed on the highways already. As far as GM's warranty goes it won't even make good toilet paper. As far as I'm concerned bumper to bumper warranty means exactly that and no less. These trucks are high priced and GM should be made to do right by the buyers rather than give us the runaround until the warranty runs out which is exactly what they are doing. As for your wind noise around the windshield goes GM sent out a service bulletin to it's dealerships to deal with the problem by sealing down the seal on the sides of the windshield to the glass, that is what causes the majority of the noise. It was done on mine and seemed to fix the problem. As far as GM goes hopefully you can help spread the word around about the governors and the junk tires enough to force them to have to make good on their warranty. Good luck. When you get your site up and going please send me the link to it so I can check it out and forward it to everyone I know with GM trucks. Thanks.

You have the option of calling gm directly, With that phone call, you can get the start on a buy back,,,,, With the history your having there should be no problems....... You are the dissatisfied customer.....If you cant get the number from your dealership, call a different dealership......The 2000 trucks are better, not so many problems,,,, wind noise is bad on the top of the wind shield, and at the side windows. Reseal of wind shield, and replace the side windows,,,, there is a new TSB on front end shutter not sure of the number but it is very extensive with a bunch of new part.... throttle sticking is carbon build up in the throttle body,,, need to replace it or clean it, that's the only repair... popping noise when turning is not the coil spring but the cross member below the motor mounts 4 bolts running length wise in the frame loosen and retighten then works every time,,, there is also a TSB on recall of the ABS, and when this is done it will update the computer for any latest updates,,,, haven't seen any exploded shocks that a new one for me,,,, rattles in dash can only be repaired by someone who knows what there doing,,, sounds like a mount loose or broken.... That's all I can help you with now,,,, I am a GM Chevy tech in Oklahoma and I have addressed all of these problems they are repairable with the right tech good luck and let me know what's going on ........ 

I purchased a new 1999 C1500 Silverado about a year ago. It developed numerous problems including a vibration that could not be fixed. Gm decided a buyback was there ultimate fix! Of course I agreed. Three weeks ago I purchased a 2000 Silverado. So far, with 200 miles on it, they have replaced the differential carrier, all bearings, some gears & one rear brake rotor. After the fix I ran it up to 70 mph, for the first time, to check for vibration and found tires out of balance. Also, the weather strip at the upper rear of the right rear door does not contact the door, the gap is approx. .015- .020". Doors can not be adjusted! Another discovery, With engine at idle (500rpm) and the air-condition compressor running, the oil dipstick is in resonance, vibrating with an amplitude of approx. .400". At this rate it won't be long before metal fatigue sets in and it snaps off. I'm wondering what's to come? Sorry I bought it. The ride is not as good as it was with the 99. There are numerous transient vibrations.

Just thought you like to know about the problems I'm having with my 2000 Silverado ext. cab 2wd with 6500 miles. First of all I have vibration or what I would call dithering at all speeds on any surface that is not perfectly smooth. It is more noticeable a 35 - 45 mph range, but is noticeable at all speeds. All four tires were out of tolerance, dealer ordered tires twice before getting tires in tolerance, still no change. The dealer then load balanced all four tires, still no change. Next they shaved all four tires, rides a little better an smooth surfaces but still no change on rough pavement. The other problems I'm having are rattles in the dash, premature engagement of the ABS (especially on rough surface stops), rough idle, whining in the steering when turning left, drivers seat fabric is loose. I have had my truck in for service 5 times now for this and still no change. Going back in on Thursday for the same problems with probably the same answer, tires out of balance and normal conditions, not acceptable for a new $27,000 truck. I also had a bad vibration at 30 mph, the fix was a new drive shaft original one was out of round. 30 mph vibration fixed at 3000 miles after which I started having all these other problems. GM better get on the ball and admit these tucks have problems. Reported my problems with the BBB last week. Please feel free to email me with any new info you might come across, for know I'll keep trying my dealer. Wish I had my 91 sport back. Unhappy Silverado owner.
Scott Simpson

On my 2000 Silverado the vibration occurring between 65- 70 mph is engine produced.  With A/C OFF vibration occurs at 2000-2050 RPM. With A/C ON vibration occurs between 1900 to 2050 RPM. Got any fixes? 

I am so glad to see someone want to do something about this, other than spend even more money on after market fix its. I have a 99' Ext. Cab 1/2 Ton Silverado with a 4.8, auto tranny(4L60), 3.42 rear, and Fleet side short box. Built 4/14/99 in Canada. Currently have 24k miles, nearing that dreaded 36k quickly. I have had  it in the shop 3 times about a week each time. 1. Rear quarter windows wind noise ~ CD player and other misc. little things Rear quarters replaced with #15038633 &#15038632 ~ they sublet the job out to a glass company. They had it for 7 days, something about no body flex after windows set for 24 hrs. PROBLEM STILL EXISTS I did tell them about the launch shutter and they just said that it doesn't fit any existing problems, and they never heard of it before. Jan. of 2k, problem was actually widely known. Surprise, surprise. So I started dumping fuel system cleaner and running high octane for a little while with no improvement. That's when I went to the NET and discovered sites like Edmunds, and also Pacific Audio & Alarm. Which lead to my 2nd, more informed visit to my dealers service dept. 2nd VISIT 2. a. Truck shutters on take off ~ Normal operation and could not duplicate, was all they had to say. But reprogrammed my PCM anyway, (which dropped my mileage about 3-4 mpg. Had absolutely no effect on the shutter.) b. Bounces repeatedly after going over single bump ~ Faulty front shocks found, ordered part. c. Shimmy at 45+ mph ~ Out of balance tires ~ Balanced & checked forced variance, re-indexed both rear tires. ( helped but now more profound at 65 - 75 mph. ) d. Steering wheel shakes after going over bump ~ Could not duplicate ( Now there's a surprise ) e. Rough Idle ~ No problem found ( Imagine that ) f. Bogs and pings at all speeds and low rpm's ~ Could not duplicate ( This one is the most annoying, and it seems to be getting worse. For a while it seemed that when I would bounce off a hump in the road and the front end would go up or down the pinging-ticking-hissin would stop briefly. Lead me to believe it may be an exhaust leak. Still have no idea ) g. Brake noise, uneven squeal from front brakes ~ could not duplicate ( the advisor had even heard this one ) h. Brake pedal soft and ABS activates too easily ~ normal operation and could not duplicate.... i. Clunk noise coming from front end at full turns ~ Ordered spring insulators Bulletin #99-03-08-002 j. Throttle pedal sticky at top ~ Customer to return ( they didn't get to this one ) 3rd VISIT 3. a. Intermittent rough idle ~ no problem found. b. Jumping steering wheel on bouncy roads ~ Installed the front shocks. c. Clunk in front end at full turns ~ Remove front coil springs, install SOP, insulators per #99-03-08-002. ( Actually made the noise worse ) d. Drive shaft looks crooked, not aligned, possible cause for launch shutter ~ Leaf springs and shackles #99-03-09-003 replaced right. and left.  (actually raised truck 1-2 inches, but when I put any size load in bed the shutter is still right there.) e. Intermittent brake squeal ~ could not duplicate. ( Why they can't just check the rotor I couldn't tell, something about not performing certain tests unless they were sure to get paid I think was there answer.) f. Wind noise between 3rd door and passenger door ~ unable to duplicate. g. Drivers seat squeaking ~ unable to duplicate ( whatever ) What really got me was the fact that they put 60 miles on it, and later I found they only claimed to have put 7 miles on it ( now I know what the MO: 18805 means on the invoice.) To this day I don't think they have actually fixed anything, I have a growing list of reasons to go back. I plan on a different dealer this time. Existing problems with solutions I have found in the conferences  1. Steering clunk.~ 1. grease steering shaft to loosen any binding caused by new insulators 2. replace intermediate shaft (knock) 3. replace upper bearing bushing at top of column (rattle) 4. tighten engine cross member bolts 2. 65-75 vibration ~ 1. replace steering rack, both lower control arms, with revised bushings, reinforce (weld) left front steering rack mounting point, and new revised power steering pump metering valve. 3. Hiss-Piss coming form engine~ 1. re-torque exhaust connections 2. lifter pre load 4. Sticky throttle ~ 1. TSB #00-06-04-007 issued 2/00 replace throttle body 5. Rr. Quarter windows still leaking 6. The warning label for my brakes ~ Recall 7. Uneven brake squeal ~ 1. turn the damn rotors 8. Launch shutter still there ~ 1. after market air bags are the only fix I have seen (dealer won't touch) 9. Engine knocks @ initial acceleration 10. Stopped at light, hit gas pedal repeatedly, and nothing happened, no rpms no nothing. for about 7-10 seconds. I do hope that you don't mind the long post, but it is just great to see a site directed at these problems. I can't wait till it's up and running. If there is any more info you need about my truck, PLEASE let  me know. Thanx, 
Keith Condatore - Florida

I have a problem with my Yukon that I have heard others repeat several times. Mine is a 96, but I've heard of 98's with the same trouble. It is a clunk that occurs when starting, stopping and traversing bumps. Basically anything that makes the rear end torque up. The forward end of the drive shaft moves in and out of the transmission whenever the rear end rotates. Normally this is silent. The "yolk" of the drive shaft slips on the splines of the tranny tail shaft. The problem has been diagnosed as binding of the yolk in the trans. My dealer "fixed" this by greasing the yolk and putting it back in. This did fix it, but of course the problem came back. This particular vehicle was a buy-back. The previous owner never could get satisfaction from his dealer, they could never isolate the problem, so they took it back. I bought it under the condition from my dealer that they find the problem and fix it. They did, sort of. The thing is that apparently most dealers don't know the problem even exists although they will tell you that lots of people complain about noises like this in these vehicles. Since mine was the first one that my dealer was able to actually locate the problem on, all those other people out there whom they told "it's a truck, it's going to go clunk sometimes", are riding around with a "congenital defect" that ought to be fixed.  Worse yet is the fix they used. Surely the transmission is not supposed to have grease inside it. I could just take it back to them and get them to re-lube the thing. But by lubing the splines repeatedly and having it washed off by tranny fluid, I imagine that eventually the trans will fail because of contamination of the fluid. I should have dug deeper when they told me what they did to fix it the first time. My common sense told me that was a band-aid, but I was just happy to have my car back. Now, when I take it back, my hope is that if I'm assertive, and refuse to take no for an answer, that I can get them to fix it right. The problem needs to be addressed by recall, or service note or whatever they use to let dealers know about these things, so that when a customer does identify it, they know what to do to fix it. 
    Keith Welch

I also own a 99 Sierra "vibrator": My purchase date was 3-6-99. This truck is the fourth GMC truck I have purchased from Park Pontiac-GMC in San Antonio, Tx. Before purchase, my test drive was on side streets and access roads. I did drive on the highway on the way home. The vibration has been there since day 1. At first I thought it was a tire out of balance. Little did I know what I was in for. At 1000 mi, I took it in for the vibration. They balanced all the tires and said it was fixed. No change, it still vibrated. I went back at 2300 mi. same problem, same result. Dealer told me about a bad batch of tires from Goodyear and the dealer does  not warranty tires. I went to a Ken's Goodyear, those people were great!! They checked everything, and I mean everthing. Shocks, alignment, rims, springs, driveshaft, etc. They could not find anything "out of whack". No questions, they replaced all four tires, no charge. Still vibrates. Kept going by the dealer and asked the service manager about any TSB's or recalls or a fix, anything. To no avail. Finally, I called GM to open my complaint call. Arranged to have the truck "fixed" again. This time they kept it 4 days. Replaced rear shackles. Still vibrates, not as bad, but still have excess feedback or aftershock feel and vibration. I opened up arbitration with the BBB. They contacted GM, and want me to take it to the dealer one more time. They did not specify for more work or buyback. I have all my paper work, except for the shackle replacement, they will not send me that work order even after telling GM and the BBB that the dealer has not provided me that. (the printer was down when I picked up the truck) I really am a loyal GM owner. GM cars and trucks are all I ever owned, but this experience is spoiling the loyalty. People ask me all the time how I like my truck, because they are in the market for a new truck. I tell them how bad the ride is and how GM is giving us all the run around. I have helped about 5 people decide to buy something else than GM, which I may do if they can't take mine back and put me in one that  does not vibrate. Thanks for the site!!
Jerry Kennedy

Hey Clay,
Just a little update. I took my truck in on Mon. the 24th, in agreement with the BBB and GM. I called the service manager at Park Pontiac-GMC yesterday. I asked what the status was on my truck. He told me they were waiting on parts. I asked what parts, he tells me tires. Tires!? He told me they should be in sometime early next week. I asked if anything else had been done. He said no. So my truck has been at the dealer for a week now and nothing has been done. Even after I told him about the new TSB 00-02-35-004. I'm going to go pick it up today and wait until the tires come in. I'm tired of driving the "Dog Cirrus" they provided thru Enterprise. The dealer won't let me have a loner truck. I think I'm going to the Ford dealerships around San Antonio this weekend. They might be ambitious enough to get a loyal GM owner into Ford Supercrew. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for the site.
Jerry Kennedy

I own a 1999 Silverado 5.3l engine. I have notice since the engine has 5000 miles that the engine knocks. I am a mechanical engineer and have owned 350's previously and have never heard such a noise. The noise sounds like low end noise and after reading your posted article I am convinced that I hear the main bearings knock for 5-10 seconds daily. and I cringe For 2001, the main bearing tolerances of these engines have been tightened for quieter, cold-engine startup. What the hell are these guys doing I pay 25k for a vehicle and now they are changing the tolerance of the bearings. Isn't it common sense that using a tighter tolerance will enhance a components life. What if anything are they saying about the 1999 5300 engines? Is general motors doing anything? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks

I have some problems too the truck has been in 16 time sense new. It never fails every time I take it in they call and say it's all set. After taking it in for three thing only one was fixed this has happened several times. These are some of the problems I have had. This is on the problems I've had with the truck 99 4x4 x-cab 5.3 in the first year and a half. 1. seat belt fixed twice once for it was backwards from when I first bought it and the other it was stuck in the close position. 2. the window regulator bolts come louse three times 3. the instrument cluster panel has been replaced twice time all two time for a crack that ran from one end to the other. Now it has happened a third time and the dealer I bought it from will not replace it under warranty. They tell me it's not common and not a defect. I went round and round with the service manager plus called the 1-800-num. I'm not the one doing this. I  told the service manager I would like a district manager too look at it and tell me it's not a defect. He said I have already contacted the district mgr. and GM said not to replace it. That is a bunch of bull and I'm not done with that dealer yet they will be hearing from me again. As soon as I find out what is covered under bumper to bumper. Parts that just broke rear license plate light door marker lights both doors plus the dash paint wearing off. 4. Heater quit working twice one time the switch cluster needed replaced the second time the heater main duck come louse. 5. The egr valve had to be replaced 6. They installed rear leaf spring isolator to stop it from clunking when going over bumps. 7. I had the clunk when taking off and around corners after decelerating then accelerating you would heir a clunk. It was in twice for this both times they replaced the transfer case fluid. Clunk still there 8. went in twice for the steering shaft clunk. Problem not found both times. I can feel it is there and I'm still trying to find a way to show them it is a problem. 9. Just took it in for the brakes after sitting for two week the rotor rusted and caused a shimmy when braking. They said this happens (maintenance issue) and I will have to pay for the rotors to be turned cost 140.00. Ok I paid for it. This never happened to the other 6 Chevys I've had including my 79 suburban that sits for month . I just want them to at lease pay half for the extended warranty. There is no question this truck will have problems in the next year or two with a service record like this. 
    Mike Millross

Your dealership sucks. I have a 1999 purchased about the same time as yours. I have been to the dealer 13 times, for several different reasons. But I feel that my service manager went out of his way to satisfy me. The dealership comped me a set of machined aluminum wheels, since after receiving three sets from GM (chrome steel) they were all out of spec. GM's own manuals says .045 of runout is unacceptable, yet every wheel we measured with a run out dial caliper was bad from the factory. They have also replaced my qtr glass due to wind noise, rear leaf springs to correct launch shudder, front spring mounts, and some lesser items. Anyway, you have had more patience than I would have had. 

Here is my truck's story for your website, 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 base model ext. cab with V6,AC,Auto. Built 7/99 in Canada. Oct 99-Mar 00 - Truck exhibited a "squeak" in the upper portion of the driver's seat and vibration in the steering wheel at 65-75 mph right after I bought it in October 1999. After about 5 trips to the dealer and two types of wheel balancing performed (regular spin and load force), I gave up and decided to wait (hope) for a fix from GM. My seat squeak was never fixed. Truck also developed an oil leak from a lower manifold gasket. Took dealer two days to fix. After reporting my dis-satisfaction with the dealer and the truck to GM customer service (those letters that they send you after you have had warranty work), I started getting more personal service from the shop manager. He worked with me to satisfy my complaints in the best way that he could. He even called me about the GM TSB for the vibration problem and helped perform some of the work himself. This helped alleviate some of my frustration with the vehicle. June 2000 - Water pump decided leak coolant from the weep hole. It had to be replaced. Another dealer had vehicle the entire day to be fixed (after a long wait for appt). This dealer noticed that the coolant had a green tint to it when drained. Looks like dealer #1 used regular antifreeze to fill coolant tank up after repairing the mainfold gasket leak mentioned above.  Dealer then drained system and replaced with proper Dex-cool coolant. July 2000 - GM's vibration fix was performed on the truck. Took dealer two days to finish. So far the fix has made the problem much better. Steering is tighter and 90% of vibrations are gone. Steering moves slightly on larger bumps, but that is to be expected. Hopefully this fix will last. I'm worried that it will become a problem again in a few thousand miles. Shop manager helped to perform portions of the work (especially the welding). July 2000 - Weather seal around passenger side doors is starting to hang down from the top of the door frame. Just needs to be glued back into place, but I'm sure that the dealer will want it for the entire day again. This has not been fixed yet. I am starting to wonder if I should get rid of this truck before the warranty runs out. I don't trust Chevy's quality at all after this purchase and reading about other people in the same position. This is my first GM product and it will probably be my last. Hope that your site gets GM's attention.
    Eric Beach

I have a 2000 sierra 4x4, 4.8 engine with 3.73, short bed. I traded in a 1989 f-150 short bed 5.0 4x4 with 100,000 miles on it. Needless to say, the ford did not vibrate, the engine did not run rough, The transmission, didn't make noises, the ride was positive not jumpy. If I wanted a truck to do all these things, I would have disconnected a sparkplug wire, blew out the shocks, and loosen a few lug nuts and i would have saved $24,000. I wish I had my 11 year old ford back.
    Richard Leach

I have a 99 sierra, ext cab, 4 wheel drive, 5.3 liter. The problems I have had and continue to have are: hard shifts to second to third, worked on trans twice, still shifts hard. The back window frame cracked twice, the extended cab window frames were replaced, the air conditioner compressor was replaced, the interior light was staying on, a worn steering shaft was replaced. The shock on passenger side front is leaking, but dealer doesn't want to replace it. The clear coat peeled off on the front bumper, there is a rattle at rear of truck, it was missing some rubber thing on leaf springs, it had front break squeal, it had bad brake pads. I still have noise in rear of truck when going over bumps, the dealer says it is the helper springs hitting and it is normal. The truck has 24,000 miles and has been going back to the service department since it was brand new. I tried to trade it in on a new one. Maybe they all don't suck, but I bought it. The dealer offered $20,000 on trade for a new one I refused. I have 10,000 miles left on warranty, but then its gone for whatever I can get for it

My 2000 Silverado had an awful vibration in the exhaust system between 40 and 45 MPH. I tried everything to get them to take the truck back when it had less than 1000 miles but received a two-month total runaround from GM and the dealership, each claiming that the other was responsible. The dealership (Pohanka in Chantilly, VA) finally bolted two "vibration dampeners" on the exhaust pipe. The dampeners diminished but did not eliminate the vibration. The vibrations are still very apparent in that range. I have no idea how long the dampeners will last. The vibration surely will make it hard to sell the truck and, without doubt, even if I can sell it, I will certainly receive substantially less than market value. I am furious! 
Jack Fischer

Boy did you hit the jackpot here. I have a 1999 Silverado extended cab, LS, Z-71 pkg. with the 5.3 motor. I've got the ABS kicking on small bumps.. my lights dim for no apparent reason, my amp meter shows discharge at the time.. I've also got oil leaking at rear main since around 15,000 miles, dealer tells me engineer from gm says its seepage, Had it in 3 times before clunking upon acceleration quit. I've also got a noise that sounds suspiciously like a loose caliper in rear from some bumps. Sure do hope we can help each other with this. Thanks for the email.

I just decided to take my video camera on my drive to work every day and after three weeks the problem started on my way to work. I have a small vhs-c camera, one hand on camera and one on wheel. I captured the vibration on video with sound. It came out perfect. Took copy of video to dealer and he had a copy made and sent it to engineers in Detroit. It was the video that caused them to take me serious. After that they replaced all four tires, all four wheels, brake power booster, brake master cylinder, entire steering box, front end bushings and realigned the front end twice. I gave them 4 months and they couldn't fix it. They even sent an engineer from Detroit down to look at it. To my dealers credit, they really did try to fix it. Eventually GM offered to buy it back and they paid it off in full. It was really a shame because I loved everything about the truck. I will never buy a first model year vehicle again. You might try threatening to use the lemon law since buy backs without using the lemon law don't count against GM. They like that.

 I've had my 2000 silverado in the shop 5 times for the vibrating. The last time for the TSB repair on the rack and pinion kit. Still have vibration in my truck and a flex or shake over certain road conditions esp. going off bridge where the bridge meets the road. I am goin through arbitration and could really use your photos for my case. I am trying to gather any and all information and pictures I can get my hands on. I have many other concerns with my truck... fit of hood, doors and fenders to flutter noise in a/c diffusers to loose lug nut caps ( I think the vibration keeps these loose on front tires) outside mirrors shake passenger seat still shakes and cup holder vibrates loss of power in tow/haul mode while pulling 2800 pound travel trailer. If you can help me with the pictures and any info. to help my case I sure would appreciate it. Also I am needing the TSB 990309002 which deals with the tire sidewalls and replacement of tires to these new specs. Thanks.
Steve Hammer

Hello Clay,
I am very glad to receive your E-mail. I own a 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 with the 6.0 engine and the towing package. I am sick and tired of the problems that I have had with it. I've gone through the BBB arbitration and it resulted in nothing. I would appreciate seeing a BBB arbitration section on your web page so people can understand what a complete joke it is. I have plenty of documentation from the dealer's and the BBB if you need proof. Right know I'm wondering whether to sue GMC or not. According to several attorneys I have a good case, but I need to pay them a retainer fee of about $1500 to get things started. I wonder if GM truck owners could get a class action law suite going. If I receive a reply from you, I'll begin sending you more information. Also, please let me know if you need any assistance with your website and I'll do my best to help you. Thank you.
Gabriel Perez

My name is John Pratt and I am the proud owner of a Shaking Silverado. Was wondering if my truck would be included in the latest bulletin regarding steering? I couldn't remember how to find the manufacturing date in the vin #. The # is 2GCEC19T7X1200064. I believe it was made in Canada. If possible I would like your phone number and a convenient time to call. I have a TON of input regarding these wonderful? vehicles. Thanks.
John Pratt - Homer, NY

Damn - - -You should maybe try to sell movie rights to a nightmare like that!!!!. I have an older GMC and have had no problems, but since I'm considering a newer truck, and have been thinking of a GMC, I have a LOT of doubts. Do you know if these problems have been limited to the half tons, or are the 3/4's also giving owners nightmares??
    Chuck Kiger

Sorry to hear about your problems. I've been leery of buying any new GM truck/SUV when hearing about problems like yours. Check out this link which might give you some more info on this: http://www.gmclemon.com Good luck! Regards,
Well, my story begins on February 12, 1999. When I picked up my 99 Silverado z71 ext cab. I vowed with the last Chevy truck I owed, I'd never buy another. But I did & this is what I got. A clunker !! I've had my truck to the dealer countless times for the following reasons. #1 Noise in front right. Occurs when going over uneven surface - when the body of the truck is flexing - 10+ visits to dealer, still not fixed. #2 Squeak in Dash. Occurs all the time. They fixed it, but it still does it occasionally. #3 Passenger side seat belt locks up for no reason, only way to release it to unbuckle & re-buckle. Two times to dealer, still waiting on ordered part. #4 Metal chattering noise in rear end: Replaced rear leaf springs that were found to be weak. Guess what, it was fixed about 3 months, its started again. #5 Clunking noise in steering wheel, when the wheel was turned: Replaced lower steering shaft. - so far so good. #6 Transmission shifts hard - Reprogrammed computer - fixed for now. #7 Transmission shifts hard while in tow/haul mode - I thought someone rear ended me ... They can't duplicate the problem - I sure have no problem getting it to do it. #8 Under hood light inoperable - cause, shorted, replaced, still don't work. #9 Driver & passenger 6 way seat loose, retightened to specs, still loose. #10 Chatter noise from front windshield at speeds 30+mph: after 5 trips to dealer they resealed the weather stripping around the windshield - cured for now. #11 wind noise from around passenger & drivers door: Cause- improperly placed weather stripping - still makes wind noise. #12. Driver & passenger door difficult to close - must be slammed. Repositioned doors. still have to slam #13 Drivers door arm rest/handle was coming loose, dealer ordered new panel - it came in & didn't match the passenger side door - they ordered it off the interior code found on my vehicle. Turns out, GM put the wrong panels on the doors. I purchased my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 - Extended cab, from Jeff Wyler Chevrolet, in Batavia Ohio. (Salesman Billy Carter) I've sent two letters to Wyler Chevrolet & called them so many times I have lost count - No satisfaction - not even a return call or letter. I have been taking my truck to McCluskey Chevrolet, in Reading, Ohio. They've been working with me like you wouldn't believe, the service is excellent, providing loaner vehicles etc. But they can't fix something they can't figure out. I've had it to other dealers on a consolation ... They told me good luck.. I've even gone the route of the Attorney General's office, but they were only concerned with the safety issue on the steering problem (# 5). I've had it with this truck. Has anyone had any luck with GM on a buy back, what does it involve? 

Hi Clay, 
I am starting the process of a buy back, and as soon as I get this issue resolved, I will be more than happy to give you the info. My truck has experienced the 65-70mph vibration, vibration through the seats, and I am now noticing the cold start knock. Truck has only 3000 miles and has had the TSB done-seems a little better, still has the aftershocks at highway speeds. Thanks for your help on the truck problems.

I am a new GMC Truck owner also. I bought a brand new 1999 2wd x-cab 4.8L automatic Sierra. I have been to the dealership non-stop with little problem after problem. I will never buy a GM/Chevy again in my life! Their service is very poor and unprofessional. I have been to three different dealers to try and solve my problems. Below is a list of faults I have found on my truck: - Rear quarter window leaks air, been replaced 3x! Still doesn't work. - Rear main seal and oil pan gasket were leaking when I first got it. - Drivers window motor went out. - Rear seat made lots of racket. I fixed this myself. They put no bumpers or rubber where there is metal to metal contact. This was a no-brainer! - Service lights come on all the time. For no apparent reason says the dealer. - Dash rattles in the morning. - At around 12,000 my truck would not crank over. This was the first time I left my truck parked for 2 days without starting. It took 2 batteries to jump it. The dealer again had no idea! This is not very reliable. - I haven't noticed any vibration. Maybe I am use to driving an old ford, it vibrated like crazy. If you want a truck, your going to get vibration.  Please explain this one to me. - I know I have not had major problems, but the fact that a dealer can not be on time, makes you take days off work just to deal with this is very unprofessional to me. It is their problem, they should go out of their way to make me happy. Every dealer I have been to has said " If you bought it here, you wouldn't have any problems." Is that GM's motto? Where you buy it you have great service, if you take it anywhere else, we crap all over you! Very unhappy Chevy owner! Drive a ford.
    Jasper Jackson

I do appreciate the effort you've put into documenting your problems. I was *this* -><- far away from buying a 2000 when I read your post to Usenet. Keep up the good work, and don't give up. As an aside, I have a bunch of friends who work in the Oshawa plant where these trucks are built, and I am intimately acquainted with what goes on there. Suffice to say, if you're looking for some dope, the parking lot at GM is the place to be, they have it all. Wonder why your dashboard rattles? It's because the guy that put it together just snorted a big whack of cocaine and didn't have time to tighten that last nut. When (if) I order my truck, I am going to have one of my buddies follow it down the line, handing out $50 bills to the guys. It may sound ludicrous, but I am dead serious. At least I have the opportunity to do this, I feel sorry for the rest of the world. Buy a GM and roll the dice...... but things aren't any better at Ford's Oakville plant.
Ed McCrudden

I purchased a 99 Silverado LS, Reg Cab, Long Bed, 5.3L, in May 1999. Right off the bat, the engine service light came on 5 times. In addition, I had the computer reset, solenoid valve replaced, evaporative canister replaced, gas tank replaced, lower and intermediate steering arms replaced, spring isolators replaced, bed safety straps retighted twice (the holes in the frame were drilled too shallow and the bolts bottomed out before any tension was placed on the straps, so they kept working loose - the dealer fixed this by adding a bunch of washers), seat belt repaired and the dealer found that the drive shaft had been "dry" of lubrication from the factory. I had unresolved issues concerning drive shaft slop (I believe the splines were worn, maybe due to the lack of lubrication), ABS over sensitivity and noisy fuel pump. I had almost 4 accidents alone due to the ABS issue. I wrote two certified letters to GM to which they never replied. I then filed a complaint with the MD Attorney General's Office. They had to write at least three letters before GM decided to reply. All in all, almost a dozen and a half letters were sent by myself and MD to which we received only three return letters, all form letters, with the last sentence changed. GM refused to replace the vehicle but finally did offer to give me a 6yr, 100K mile extended warranty. Their contention with the ABS issue is that the vehicle was within factory specifications). I was ready to take this offer when I discovered even a worse problem at the NTSA website (www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/complain/compmmy1.cfm) that documented many cases of the airbags not deploying in accidents. That was the end. I now am a proud owner of a 2000 Tunda Limited V8 - my wife and I feel MUCH safer. GM should take note of how Jeep has handled their problems with the Grand Cherokee - got a bad vehicle, no problem, here's a new one. I will NEVER deal with GM again - they don't have any idea of what customer relations are or should be. 
 Bob Loesch - Monrovia, MD

Hi Clay,
I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having and wish you luck in getting it resolved. I've got a problem that's annoying the hell out of me and I was wondering if you or anyone else had come across it. I've got a '99 Silverado Z71 LS, Sport Side, short bed, 4.8L w/ 3.73 gears. It has been fine except for two problems that I'm trying to get resolved. The biggest pain is when I'm cruising above 50 mph and it's in overdrive. It takes a huge amount of pedal to get it to shift out of OD and pass. The same thing happens when going up a decent incline. As I start to lose speed, I keep having to give it more and more pedal until it's about 3/4 matted and then it sometimes will jump two gears. All I really want is to get out of OD so it will handle the incline better. You can forget about using cruise control. Every incline I get to, the truck wants to race to the top instead of maintaining speed. If the incline is long, it does this off and on until I thankfully get to the top. I actually got pulled over by a Trooper because he thought I was being a cowboy. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. The other problem is the rattling in the rear end when going over significant bumps or off-roading. I hope to get that taken care of today (fingers crossed). Thanks and good luck! 

I hope someone can help me with this problem. 65 - 70 MPH Vibration and 30 MPH Vibration. I have a 1999 Suburban that has been improved but not fixed. The dealer has been cooperative but the GMC rep put the kibosh on any more attempts to fix it. A new rear drive shaft or "prop shaft" was replaced. Tires were blamed for the rest. I went an bought 4 new Michelin LTX M/S and the vibration is still prevalent. What now,
Mark D. Carbaugh

I purchased a new 1500 Sierra in Nov 99. I had vibration problems at 0-10 mph. I had the security light on constantly. I took the truck in for service 4 times for a total of 30 days. I filed a claim with the BBB. and within 2 weeks GM agreed to a replacement vehicle. Since there was no truck on the local dealers lot, my salesman searched for a truck in my price range with the same options as my original 1500. This truck did not exist. I agreed to a buyback. I then purchased a 2500 Sierra for the fact that things are built a little heavier on this truck and it felt a lot stiffer in the steering and stiffer and more solid in general. After about 100 miles that 0-10 vibration is haunting me again. I am checking Edmunds.com and waiting to see if GM has finally realized they need to send out a recall on these trucks or do I have to go through the buyback process AGAIN. If I do have to do that again it will definitely go through the Lemon law so Gm can't sell this truck to another dissatisfied customer.
Ames Kamps

I sent the paper work in today to the BBB to accept arbitration, GMC has 30 days to fix my vibrating 1999 sierra truck, the technical expert sent out by the BBB said it was a manufacturing defect, it is a crying shame when you have to go to court to get GMC to try and fix your truck, the local dealer, Performance Chevrolet - GMC in Seneca, SC did not have a clue as how to fix this problem, I will never step foot on that dealerships lot again, I had to fight with the service manager (T.C. BRADY), the service director (KEITH KINGSTON), the only help I got was from the sales manager (RAY MURPHY) at least he tried to have them fix it, but he couldn’t do it all by himself, the GMC customer rep (REGINA NELSON) from Michigan, was lost, she started out the BBB arbitration with statement that the arbitration meeting needed to be over with at 12 noon( we started at 10:oo) as she had to pick up her son from summer school, this woman new she was having this meeting for 3 weeks, she should have made arrangements for someone to pick up her child for her, you could tell the arbitrator was not to happy to be told when the meeting was to be over with, as the arbitration proceeded Mrs. Nelson had none of her facts straight from the case, I had to set her straight and give the correct information as to what took place when and what repair attempts took place, this was totally un- professional and not what I expected from GMC, when this is all said and done I will be buying a Toyota tundra truck, as I have lost faith in gm products and this did not have to happen, but you will pay in the long run when all your customers have switched to foreign products since they are the only ones who stand behind their products and have pride in their workmanship and quality, you have lost a longtime gm customer as this was my 6th gm product in the last 20 years, but this last GMC truck experience has done me in . Sincerely, Tom Haslam

I had one of these gm lemons also. Bad brakes, vibration, severe wind noise, rattling rear springs, squeaky rattling interior, and the worst part, severe front end problems. The best day was when I left it at the local ford dealership. I am not saying ford does not have it's share of problems but, my new f 150 has got to better than that Chevy. After a lifetime of dedication to Chevrolet, they have lost me forever, due to a bad truck, and most of all, bad customer service. My father just took delivery of a new GMC sierra. After repeated warnings, he is experiencing the same problems. All I can tell him is, I TOLD YOU SO.
Kevin Wray

I purchased a 2000 GMC Sierra SLT, Ext. Cab, 2X4 in Feb. of this year here in Jackson, MS. I noticed a vibration during the first long trip I took in the truck. Six months later after balancing the tires three times, having all the tires replaced and having the steering rack, control arm replacement TSB performed I was still not satisfied with my $30,000 martini shaker. On Tuesday I traded it in on a 2000 Ford F150 Lariat 4X4. A great truck. This cost me money, but I'm happy I did it. I got just as much on the trade as I would have in a buy back through the BBB. If you can afford to, I suggest you unload your GMC. I would be surprised if GM ever does anything that will make you completely satisfied with your truck, and I don't believe they really give a S%#T. But that is just my opinion. Good Luck.
Brian Jackson

General Motors: 
Fix the man’s truck for Gods sake we spend enough on these high dollar trucks just give him what he paid for. By the way I’ve got a pretty black 99 Silverado Z-71 its starting to sound just like his. 

Geraldine Gainey Kempster

I am one of those future customers that GMC should be interested in influencing...seems 90% of the topics on the Net regarding the Silverado/Sierra is in reference to wind noise, vibration, rough shifts, defective tires/rims...the list goes on, but is consistent time after time. See, I have been researching and contemplating the purchase of a new Sierra ext. cab w/4-doors for about 6 months now, but every time I check out the discussion groups on the subject, the same problems are still there that I read about 6 months ago. I am 43 years old, and been a Ford man all my life, thought I maybe needed a change. Maybe I thought wrong; have a friend who is a Sales Manager at a local Ford dealership, he tried recently to interest me in the new 2001 F150 Supercrew....guess I should give him a call. It appears GM has more time than its customers do with regard to solving problems.

Don't know if this will help or not but mine has been in about 7 times for pulling to the right,3or4 times for security,1 for steering rattle,rear spring thud. They have put 2 new steering boxes on it, 7 tires and this is in 18,000 miles. I like the pu but quality is way down line for GM right now I think.
    Louis Wittorf

I purchased a 96 Silverado extended cab with a 350, for the next three years the truck was in the shop 16 times and was about to go in again so I decided to trade it in for another lemon. But before the trade let me tell you my horror story, I work in construction and figure that I lost between 15 and 20 thousand dollars because of this gm product. The things I had replaced were the cd player (3 times), radio (2times), oil cooler, transmission cooler, radiator, master cylinder, electric motor for the windows, electric motor for the mirrors, a new engine and misc. other items. Top that clay. Now that I have a new 99 Silverado extended cab, longbed, heavy-duty, 6 liter engine, I was shell shocked for a while waiting for something to happen, well, my wait is over. The fuel pump module went out and cost me another thousand. Thanks GM.

I had similar problems with a 1993 GMC Typhoon. It had many problems and many days in the shop. Nothing happened until I filed the lemon lawsuit. About 3 days before the court date GM calls and asked if there was anything they could do. They had a buy back check 2 days later and gave me a good deal on a new Yukon. 6 1/2 years and 94000 miles later the Yukon is still running great. I was looking at a 2001 ext sierra SLT but now am wondering. I am real happy with my dealer and their service so I think I am going to do it. I bet if you file the suit GM will act and give you everything shortly before the court date. Good Luck! 
    John Nelson

I received your e-mail. Yes I am still having problems with my ' 99 Silverado 1/2 ton extended cab truck. I have been fighting with the dealer ( Weseloh Chevrolet in Carlsbad, CA) and GM for months now trying to get some resolution to the problems. My truck was bought in June of ' 99 and I noticed some problems with it right away. The truck rides very poorly on the concrete freeways here in the San Diego area. It has what they call the "California freeway hop", whereas the truck bounces over the seams in the road and just makes for a miserable ride most of the time. Also noticed a problem with take-offs from a stop, what they call " launch shudder" - drive shaft vibration that can be felt through the truck and in the steering wheel, moreso on an inclined start. The dealer has worked on my truck for these problems nine times now, since July of last year. They changed the tires first, said it was a bad batch of  Goodyear Wrangler tires. That didn't fix it. They rearched the rear springs which minimized the launch shudder but only aggravated the ride problem. They installed new spring bushings, new shackles, went back to the original leaf springs, rebalanced wheels several times, and last thing was a load force testing of wheels and tires which they said found two of the four tires marginal and replaced only two about a month ago. I've asked them about changing the shocks but they have not done that. After all this, the problems are still there. I tried going to the BBB but my truck is a company vehicle and since my company has more than five vehicles registered in the State of CA, their Autoline program does not apply to me, they would not help. Recently, (over a month ago) the owner of my company wrote a letter to GM, it appeared that that was getting something going as the service rep at the dealer said they were reviewing my case again but as usual, nothing has happened, I've not been contacted at all and they are just sitting on it again. Are these problems as wide spread as I think they are? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please advise. Thanks,
    Tom Hobbs

Hi Clay, I have a 99' GMC 4X4 1500, it is a company truck that I drive everyday. I have put 58,000 miles on it and it has its share of problems. When the truck had 14 miles on it I noticed a rattle from the rear of the vehicle, It sounded like pulling a piece of log chain on the pavement at about 40-47 mph. That problem has never been diagnosed. The rearend was replaced at 53,000 miles it started in the morning in Knoxville sounding like I had a Turbo under the hood by the time I reached Memphis that evening it sounded as though I was dragging a witch on fire under my truck. I had to drive this thing back to Georgia praying that I would make it. I also have frame to cab noises like popping, like someone did not torque bolts properly. I also enjoy those comfortable seats and the great cupholder. I thank God that I did not give in to the urge and trade in my 98 Z71. By the way this is not the first GM I have ever owned. 93 K2500 (178K), 95 K2500(85K) , 95 K1500(220K) , 98 K1500(37K). All of these I trusted . I knew they would bring me home. I don't know about this thing........ Thanks

My husband purchased a 1999 Silverado extended cab 1500 pickup vortec 5300 V8 4x4 on Jan 1999. As of DEC 1999 the truck has accumulated 33 service days and has been in the shop 6 times since then. Now estimating about 40 to 45 days of service. This truck has major vibration problems and in attempt to fix it the dealer has put 16 tires on the truck. Replaced two rims. Replaced hubs due to wrong hubs for veh weight per bulletin. Replace shackles per Bulletin wrong shackles for weight. Replaced wheel weights in which they thought was breaking off causing it to be off. Dash panel peeling  replaced that. Replaced both driver and passenger window regulator it was coming apart internally. Replaced steering shaft due to popping noise from front end when turning left. We had air leak from windows (all four) they replaced surround strip in which they found had collapsed. They replaced back latches on back windows due to latch being weak. Now here we are at almost 59,000 miles and we are having same problem with the vibration. The truck will continue to be under warrantee for the vibration because they have never fixed the problem. The dealership has never said anything about the mileage. The problem we are having now is that my husband has made a call to customer service in Jan of this year. The person in customer service pleaded with my husband to give them another chance at fixing what might be the problem with the truck. My husband took the truck to the dealer and they again attempted to fix the problem. No fix. Now we have moved and took it to another dealer to have vibration checked and they said that they would have to wait for a new guy that took over this region to decide what GM is going to do with the truck. They informed me he would be in town first week of July. Here it is end of July and the guy is still not in town. My husband called customer service for GM and spoke with a woman named Steve. He explained to her what was going on and she said she would get with GM and decide what they would do to solve the issue. He waited a week later and called GM customer service back and talked with a guy named Mike. He asked for Steve but they informed my husband they could not get her at this time.  Again my husband explained the problem to this Mike guy and he said that he would get back with us. My husband informed him this was the same story he heard last week and asked to speak to his supervisor. The guy Mike put my husband on hold and came back telling him that his supervisor said that he could not tell him anything different then what he just told him. Can you believe that!!!! My husband got his supervisors name and the next step is for Monday. This Monday that is.....Just don't know what we are going to do? GM Customer Service Sucks. Sorry to get so long winded but there is a lot of issues with this truck. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email me. Thanks again. Hope this gives you an insight. Maybe not one you were looking for. 

Hi Clay
Please let me know anything I can do to help out this cause. After owning a 94 Shortbed and never replacing anything except a relay in the highbeam switch I am very sad to see the new 2000. Here is my tale of sorrow.... 11/1/00 4pm picked up one GMC Sierra 2500 (only missing option Leather seats)6.0 liter from dealer 11/1/00 10 PM Truck will not start. 11/2/00 Called dealer truck still will not start stalls out when does start. Dealer sent tow truck and mechanic. Mechanic seems to think it is a bad battery. Towed truck to dealership battery replace. Problem corrected. 1/4/00 truck pulling to left Service on 1/17 nothing corrected told if need alignment would be a charge. Waited two weeks for appointment. Rotated tire and did oil change. Noise in front end getting worse. Plate noise when in OD under no load at 1500 rpms and seat squeaking. 2/17 called GMC Robert Finstra claim # 00039802 Robert called dealer about issues alignment is covered up to 7500 2/18 Called Colonial set up appointment. Next avail appointment 3/6. Need truck left night before so they can test it cold. Will not have rental because dealer is closed when drop off will occur. 3/5 dropped off truck. 3/6 At 1200 PM truck had not been test driven for steering problem or the issue with the seat. That means noise in transmission was not tested either because why would you test drive for one thing and not look for everything. Also the steering problem occurs more when it is cold meaning morning not afternoon hence why it was dropped off the night before. That means by noon the only thing completed on the truck was the oil change. GMC Robert called me at home explained noise are still there and told him I will speak to dealer directly. Advised to call him back if any problems. 3/7 all noises are still occurring called dealer scheduled test ride on 3/8. 3/8 Took service manager for ride could not reproduce transmission noise. Called GMC Robert is unavailable. 3/9 called GMC Robert is unavailable. 3/10 called GMC Robert is unavailable. 3/13 called GMC Robert is unavailable 3/14. Called colonial about seat squeaking and steering column will try more lubrication next time it is there. 3/14 NHTSA letter found service bulletins for all issues forwarded letter to NHTSA for more information. 30 to 40 dollar charge to print bulletins. Retracted request. Called GMC Robert unavailable GMC rep said to take numbers over to dealer and they will look up service bulletin. 3/17 Looked up service bulletins through ALLData at shop will bring to dealer. 5/22 schedule transmission appointment for 5/31 needs to call 5/30 to ensure loaner car.  5/30 Called loaner should be available. 5/30 One old Pontiac Grand Am loaner car truck left at dealer with service bulletins on some of the problems. Explain how lubrication of steering knuckle corrected problem for two days. Cup holder vibrating, wind noise on passenger door, and turn off auto door locks. 5/31 Truck done 14:15 nothing corrected all unfounded. Steering was said to be fixed. 6/1 steering is corrected however vibration is still bad. Still happening under no load in OD at most speeds below 45. Steering column now rattles since steering is fixed. Wind noise on passenger side still occurs. 6/18 First driving light burned out. odd noise with front window at highway speeds. Replaced Light myself. Turned of auto door lock feature myself. 7/6 Second driving light is out will replace myself. Still have vibration and wind noise...seat squeaking again. 7/6 Sent GMC email with all info above.  7/8 GMC response contact dealer they will have information to correct.  7/7 My response to this email: Thank you I see GMC is not willing to help out with these problems and the dealer is no help. You have left me not alternative options but to contact a my lawyer and the local TV and newspapers to express my issues. 7/12 Dear Mr. Murray, Thank you for your Internet communication. We sincerely apologize for the concerns you have experienced on your GMC vehicle. Unfortunately, we will not be able to address your concerns through e-mail. This department does not facilitate the technical dialogue necessary to review your concerns. We depend solely on the dealers for their technical support. Again, we are sorry that we are not able to respond to your concerns. Sincerely, Gail E. James Customer Relationship Manager  GM Internet Response Center 7/12 Contact NJ Lemon Law group followed the advise to send certified letter to GM. completed on 7/12 have receipt. 7/22 Rec confirmation that GMC rec letter on 7/17. Per lemon law wait ten days. 7/27 10 days up no response from GMC called lemon law group they advise to call dealer and have final repair attempt made. Called dealer scheduled appointment for 8/15. Need to call night before to see if a rental car is available. Dealer did have earlier appointment but I could not schedule until the week of 13th. wish me luck same 6 problems I sure all will be unfounded 
    Troy Murray

I would just like to thank you for this website. I am in no means an experience mechanic of any kind. However, a few weeks ago I took my truck in to the dealer for an oil change. Over the past few months, I have been having difficulty pressing the accelerator when getting in and cranking it up after it has been recently driven. The lady that was the service technician advisor told me that it was a carbon build up on the throttle body and that it would be $95 to clean/repair it. Of course, I did not have it done. This website has helped me see that others are experiencing the same problems that I am with my Silverado. I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado Z-71 with 21,000 miles on it. It was manufactured in January 99 and I bought it with 600 miles on it. I am not sure its previous history whether someone else owned  it and traded it in. Should have investigated I guess. Your website has shown me what is actually going on with my truck. Sometimes it is hard to describe being so mechanically stupid but your website has helped me tremendously! I am also experiencing the clank/thud from my rear end. I currently have an appt to work on the accelerator issue and that clank. But didn't know if you had an answer to a question. I got in my truck one morning, started it up and it idled like it wanted to cut off. I had to drive to work with both feet and constant pressure on the accelerator. I was going to get someone to follow me to a dealer and just drop it off because I had to work and no time to mess with it. Well when I got to work and cut it off, I started it back up and it idled fine. It has been idling fine ever since. any ideas?? thanks a million! Sincerely,

Is GM really this inept at fixing this man's truck? Has his truck really been in the shop 45 days with no resolution to his problem? You don't need this kind of publicity, your market share is bad enough. Customers don't get real upset over problems IF they can get them fixed.
  Charlie MacLeod

Dear GM,
I still own a 99 vibrating Sierra. I have an open complaint call with your CARS dept. #99187406 opened in March thru rep. Marvette Scott. I also have a complaint call opened with the BBB. When is GM going to address the ongoing issues with the problems we are having with our vehicles? I want mine repurchased ASAP. I do not wish to have it worked on any more. I am tired of having to deal with the dealership, GM and the BBB. Make a deal across the board for all owners that are having problems and put them in new trucks that truly have all "the kinks" worked out of them. By the way, I noticed in the Wall Street Journal today, that GM sales are down. I wonder if word of mouth is getting out about bad GM vehicles and real bad customer service and satisfaction. I know, I personally have directed at least five previous GM owners to other brands because of the problems with my vehicle. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE address the problems.
Jerry Kennedy

Dear Chevy
What's the true story on the Silverado vibrations and when/how will it be fixed? I've been waiting 10 months to buy and can't wait much longer, even though I really don't want to buy a Ford. My kids and wife want to get into camping now (but I've been holding out to get a Chevy). Is there an engineer that I could email? Thanks,

Congratulations on a well constructed, up to date web site. Your site is indeed a very powerful tool for those experiencing problems with the gmt800/new pick-ups, as well as helping to resolve your vehicle problems. I have sued GM before (paint delamination on a 91 K1500) therefore I appreciate what you are going through. Your research and documentation are very good. I am confident you will get action. Has GM or the regional rep commented on the site, or asked you too "cool it down" . This meeting place to record defects on mass from all owners will unquestionably prove effective for us all. My truck has several of the defects noted by your site, engine knock, and vibration problem, most notably. The dealer has been holding off upon a final correction from GM, as they have told me the corrections to date are not consistently correcting the problem. The braces on the frame you have researched a VERY interesting, could this be a fix for the vibrations. Keep up the fantastic work, I hope all the owners of these trucks who have reported to Edmonds site are aware of your site. I will keep you informed of my situation with the issues on my vehicle, build date 05/99 Fort Wayne Indiana. In the mean time I will tell everyone I know of your site. Thank- you.

I am concerned about the possibility of my new 2000 Silverado 1500 developing a shaking, or alignment problem. There has been much discussion of this on many truck forums and it is making me concerned about the wisdom of my purchase. If there is a fix that can be done to ensure that the problem will not develop, then I require that it be done, under warranty, without hassle. Thank you,
Charles Ottosen

Thanks for posting this web page. I am a long time Chevy truck man and you saved me from a stupid mistake. Hope you win. I will spread the word. 
Michael Morra

I have had my 2500 four-wheel drive in the shop a total of 32 days attempting to find and correct the source of vibration at 45 to 50 and then at 55 to 65. The service manager agrees that the vibration is "wrong" but doesn't know what to do to correct it. A regional rep came in and said it was just a result of stiff springs. What an idiot. I drove two other new trucks with same drive train and one was worse than mine. You will eventually have to correct these deficiencies. Why make all of us go to so much trouble before you do? 
    David Glick 

I've been a avid Ford owner for many years. When I read the hype about the new Silverado, I went and test drove one. I was impressed with the way it drove and rode. That was in September of last year. Now I'm afraid to back it out of the drive, I'm afraid it's going to fall apart. Since September I've had *New rear springs *New shocks *New fuel injectors *New throttle body *Had to rework the steering shaft. Thank you for putting this truck on the market so the consumer could be your guinea pigs. I've read all the service bulletins. The one that concerns me the most, is the cam shaft bearings. I would like to know, If I was to go trade for a 2001, are you going to compensate me for all the aggravation I've put up with over the 1999? I believe, whoever bought the experimental 1999 Silverado should be entitled to one hell of a rebate on the 2001. I just can't tell you how disappointed I am to spend $32,000.00 on a new truck, and then have to have the bottom end over hauled, with less than 25,000 miles on it. It scares the hell out of me to have a mechanic over haul my motor. It seems more practical to me, that you should replace the motor with a 2001 motor that WE have already worked the bugs out of for you. What do you think? 
Randy Hanrahan
P.S Maybe I should have bought a Ford.

I own a 99 GMC Sierra, 5.3, 4x4, CC. We have had several problems with our truck, clunky transmission, pre-mature ABS, fan clutch replaced, brakes turned at 690 miles because of vibration, rattles everywhere, check engine light, leaky rear differential, power window works when it feels like it, launch shutter, bad knocking from engine even when using premium fuel, tapping at start up, spongy break feel, just off the top of my head. Our local dealer has been rude and acts like I am bothering them when I bring the truck in to be repaired. Usually I bring the truck in, they give me some sort of excuse, say it was fixed, or is normal, then I go home, notice the same problem on my way home, bring it back in.....bla bla bla, needless to say I now am at the point where as long as it starts, and gets me to my destination, I don't bother getting the endless problems fixed as I do not have time to spend 8 hours per week going to the dealer. Needless to say I am most disappointed. As a school teacher living on a very modest income, the amount of money spent on this truck should have provided me with some level of satisfaction, instead, I now only contemplate my many regrets regarding this vehicle. 
Chris Visserman

I work for this company and I also went through the complete horror story you went through. Guess what, they would not even help me. They told me that it was a characteristic problem among other trucks, so we are writing you off. I argued with them for weeks.
I bought a 99 Silverado x-cab last Jan. 99. Exercised Calif. lemon-law with an attorney to get money back. GM buy back was a waste of my time. Took about one month to get money back from GM, they had to pay the layers fees too(Sept-99). My Shake-a-rado had the front end vibration at 65-70 mph. Dealer at one point keep my truck for 8 weeks. New tires(3 sets), shackles, hubs, same BS you've gotten. Lemon law your truck and cut your losses. The day I received my money, I went out a bought a Toyota Tacoma Pre-runner. Going on year now in Sept. and have had no problems. Oh, I forgot to mention my truck was "hit" at the dealer during a robbery attempt. They had to replace the whole front grill. Anyway, I'll never buy GM again. Regards,

I am reading all these stories on all the trucks that you have manufactured and of all the problems that they are having and I too am a disgusted owner of a Chevrolet Silverado that has been into the shop five times now and I cannot believe the things that are going wrong with the truck. Why do you put people through all of this?? Do you know what customer satisfaction is? I get sick to my stomach every time I come to the website on gm and read the stories. The 2000 Silverado that my husband and myself bought has been nothing but a nightmare and still the brakes haven't been fixed and it has been into the shop 5 times already. What if the brakes go out tomorrow and people are hurt or even worse yet killed and it was in the shop 5 times and nothing was done on it? I will never again purchase another gm product and hope and pray that this truck makes it down the street without injuring my husband myself or others.

I'm glad to see you are finally getting somewhere with GM. I hope they do offer you more. I believe you are entitled. Either GM is looking for someone to blame or this is the worst outbreak of defective tires ever. I've been driving a long time and have never had a defective tire on a vehicle. Good luck.
Brian J.

 I just bought a Silverado 2000 and am having problems with the ABS. They go spongy and the tap quickly before engaging. Of course this happens sporadically. The dealer tells me once the pads seat it will correct the problem (@ 10,000K). Is there a site that lists recalls? Thanks

I bought a new 1999 Chevy Silverado 4.8 Liter, 4x4 a year ago this August. During the fist year I have had the following problems: 1) Roof molding came off at first car wash. I had to pay for replacement. 2) Spare tire could not be released by myself, a Sheriff, and the Tow Truck Driver. I had to pay for tow and rental car while truck at dealership. 3) Valve making knocking noises. Dealer and mechanic told me this was "normal" and to keep driving it. 4) Two headlamps have burned out. 5) Vibrations under truck at 40 mph speed. I have been told by the dealership and GM customer service that none of these problems is covered under warranty. I have had to pay for these items. This is the first and last GM truck I will buy. They are eager to sell and then offer no service for their product. 
C.O. Akwood 

Hello Clay
Great site lots of info. Anyway, I bought a new 99 v- 6 Silverado last June. First when driving the truck home I noticed a vibration coming from the front end around 50mph.When I got home I called the dealer he told me to bring it in. He checked it, nothing wrong. Finally took it to the Goodyear dealer and found out that 3 of the 4 rims (steel) were so out of round that there was no way to balance them. He showed my all the lead that GM had stuck on those rims to try to get them to balance had Goodyear call the dealer and explain what they had found. The dealer swapped tires and rims. It was funny because they took a new truck off the lot put those tire on mine then put that truck right back on the lot for the next person to have to deal with. Now my major problem is with the engine at around 4000 mile I started to here a knocking sound it was ever so faint but I knew there was something up. If you were to cruse at around 30 mph then apply some gas you here it at around 1500-2000 rpm. It eventually got louder. I took it in I was told that it was due to a internal vibration dampener .I was told that gm has no repair for it that they are waiting for there engineers for a fix. They also had to replace the timing chain due to stretch, this was at 12000 it seemed to quite it down for a while but now at 20000 its getting louder. Today I called gm still no repair I asked what type of unseen damage is being done due to the vibration only to fail after my warranty expires. I asked for a new engine and was told no way I asked for a extended warranty they said maybe after my original warranty expires. What a bunch of BS I have 4 years still left to pay for it. Any thought s would be appreciated. And are you familiar with this problem or are they blowing smoke up my a--- waiting for my warranty to expire. Thanks,
    Gordon Rundle

My 99 Shakerrado extended cab 2wd shakes too. Wish I'd never bought GM.

Just read your story and thought I'd share you mine, the short version of it anyhow. I bought a 1996 Chevrolet Extended Cab Sport-side in March of 1996. It was my first new truck and I bought it as a birthday gift to myself the day before my birthday. Some gift it turned out to be. Three days after getting it, it blew a fuse. I replaced it, it blew it again. I called the dealer to come get the truck and find out what was going on. They looked at it and the following Monday, 4 days later, the called me and let me know it was fixed, washed and clean. On the way home it died on me. So I called them back to come pick me up. This time the computer had fried as they called it. They ordered me a new one, and two weeks later they called me to come get it. When I got there I was told the when the porter drove it from where they washed it at, the computer fried again, so sorry, no truck. To make a long story short it went through 9 computer, 158 days of service, almost 2000 miles just for the service part. All during the first 6 months. I kept my truck about 30 days in that 6 month period. Some gift huh. That's when I started reading about the lemon law, and sure enough my truck fell into that category. The GM Rep and the manager at the Dealer both agreed it was without a doubt a lemon. At first they offered me a trade where I would use my truck as a trade-inn. Sure I said. They offered me 18000 for my truck and came $1000 off the MSRP on a new truck just like it. So for me to get another truck would end up costing me over $ 6500. I told them they were full of s#$%. The manager told me to think about it and call him the next day. I called him and said no way. He then asked "What would make you happy?" I read part of the Texas Lemon law to him which stated I was suppose to be able to trade it inn on a truck up to 3% higher in price than mine without me having to pay for it as long as it had less than 12000 miles on it. And since it only had 4500 miles I should have to pay to get a new truck. It did state that they would deduct 8 cents per mile or a little over $ 350. So I told him that this is what I wanted. He told me he couldn't do that and if that is what I wanted I'd better get ready for court. As soon as I hung up with him I searched the internet for a phone number to GM. When I would get someone I asked to speak to their supervisor, then when I got them I would ask the same again. After a couple of hours I ended up talking to a very nice man, who's name slips my mind, who was a CEO in Flint, Michigan. I explained my problem to him and quoted the lemon law to him. After a nice long chat with him, he assured me he would look into it for me and call me back. Later that day I got a call from another dealership in the area. They told me they had talked to the CEO and for me to come pick out a truck. I asked them about the price and trade inn etc, and was told that I would get full credit for my truck, 10% off the MSRP on the new truck, and as an incentive, the dealer and GM split the cost of a 7/100000 ext. warranty When I got there, they helped me pick out a truck, located one for me and told me it would be inn the next morning and for me to come inn and sign all the paperwork. The next morning the manager of the dealership called me up and told me my truck was ready for me. I got there later that day, and the truck was sitting up front waiting for me. About an hour later I was back home with my new truck. Even though this is a pretty long story, it's still the short version. The local GM rep came several times, the shipped it to another dealer to have it worked on, they shipped it back to them. It was nothing but a big mess for 6 months. But I ended up with a 97 LT with about $ 5000 more in options, for 2600 less than what I paid for the 96, so even though it took 6 months, the outcome was still pretty good. So just stand firm on your demands, get the media involved and try reaching as high as possible into GMs corporate headquarters. And don't let anyone step on you on the way. Hope it all works out.     

GM - Please add me to the long list of Silverado owners that want you to buy back the piece of junk that you sold me. Your customer service center is a joke and the BBB arbitration process is no better. I have filed a case with you and the BBB with no action. Here's an idea, get rid of all the employees at your fake customer service center, take the savings and actually make a good product. The cost you are incurring from lost customers is more than you think. I will never by another GM product. Honda/ Toyota forever
Marc Colunga

Its all a ploy..........hang tough.......I recently got my 97 Cherokee settled in a lemon case.........they will offer many plans that sound reasonable but read the fine print and do the math before signing anything which you seem to be doing.....have all paper work and go to arbitration ...........the secret here is that they don't want that truck labeled a LEMON........once it is, they cant resell it to make back money lost.......its that simple........Good luck, hang tough !!     
Phil Darnell

Sounds reminiscent of my recent (last year) arbitration on my Dodge Ram. They also began the arbitration process trying to low ball me (makes sense, they have nothing to lose by making low offers at first hoping the customer takes it). After a couple of offers, with me declining each one and still demanding an arbitration hearing, they finally gave me what I want: full purchase price, refund cost of all accessories, NO DEPRECIATION for miles, refund prorated extended warranty purchase!!!! They DO NOT want to go to arbitration. I also wrote in my cove letter that so many people with the RAM had this problem (spark knock) that I felt a legal precedence needed to be established to protect future RAM owners. It was after that letter that sent in with the arbitration form that got quick response with FULL BUYBACK. Don't back down. Follow the arbitration guidelines, keep all service visit documents, detail all conversations, get names and numbers of all people at HQ you talk to, etc. Be smart and relentless, don't let them wear you down.
    Little guy who battled Daimler Chrysler and won ;^)

Greetings Clay,
I too have been very disappointed with my 99 Sierra. . .although I must admit that as I read your story, I lost my breath, and I am sure my blood pressure rose. The problems with my truck simply do not compare to yours. I trust you will continue to update this news group, I am very interested to hear how GM treats you. Kind regards, and best of luck,
    Mark Manton
I have a shaker- with new: drive shaft, 6 sets of tires, rack & pinion, alloy wheels, frame brace, A - frames, idler arms, and its still shaking. Am I the only one out here? The factory has refused in writing to buy it back. Know any good lawyers in Dayton Ohio area? HELP ! 
Steve Corcoran

Hey Clay,
Your email regarding your 99 Sierra is very interesting. I, too, am pursuing the same issues with GM. I have a vibration @ 60-70 mph. They have replaced the drive line, 3 sets of tires, 1 set of rims, new rotors....etc. The vibration is still present. The BBB is, in my opinion, a complete waste of time but all part of the process. I now have an attorney handling the case. GM has set up a meeting for August 30th to inspect the vehicle for the 8th time. I have been fighting ever since the vehicle was driven off the lot new in October 1998. The vibration was stated in the original sales contract and like a fool I entrusted GM to repair it after delivery. I don't understand how they can get away with selling this JUNK that they call a vehicle. If you need the name of an attorney please let me know. May your experience with the BBB offer an end to your GM Drama! Good Luck! 
    Mark Gilroy

Hi Clay,
My husband and I ordered a 1999 Sierra extended cab, sportside, Z71 pickup from a dealership in Natchez, MS. After approx. 3 months of waiting we finally received the truck in July of 1999. We have had nothing but trouble ever since. The dealership had no clue how to fix the truck and didn't put much effort in to trying. The list of problems is to long to explain. We now live in Mandeville, LA and have been bringing it to a dealer in Covington. Our problems still exist even though this dealership puts in more effort. We are fed up and are requesting a buy back. The truck is currently in the shop and we are driving a stinky enterprise Chevy truck which has the same problems as our GMC. We tried to go directly to GM and they denied our request stating they were working on a solution and would have one by the end of summer. It is currently August 10th and no solution yet. We have had about all we can take. We constantly have to take off of work to bring the piece of junk to the shop. The BBB is in the process of setting up an arbitration date for us. Is this worth our time or should we just trade it in? We brought it in to see how much we would get on a trade and they offered us almost 8K less then what we paid for it before taxes and it only had 16,000 miles. Any advice? 
   Melissa & Brian Dalferes

I just read about your buyback offer, what a rip off. I have been keeping up with your story for a while now on edmunds town hall and on your site. I hope it turns out ok and good luck with the buyback

Hi Clay,
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the buy-back. While reading your post I was surprised to see the part about your $1000 certificate that you used when buying your truck. The class action settlement certificate that I have NEVER received. I finally got rid of my 85 GMC 3/4 ton pickup this year and picked up a 00 Sierra. I had received mail about once a year from the attorneys involved in the class action (the attorneys were in San Francisco, California.. right across the bay from me). Each time they would write and say "be patient.. there has been a delay". About 2 years ago I thought it had been finalized as to the distribution of the certificates. When I wrote to the attorneys they wrote back saying a judge in Louisiana (I think) has held up the process again and that they would let me know when everything is final. I haven't heard from them again. So this year I gave in and bought a new GMC truck. I guess I better write the attorneys again and see what the heck is going on. I hope I wasn't screwed out of $1000!

After reading clay Hodges problems I find I am not alone in my experience with gm. my vehicle is not a truck rather a 99 camaro I purchased new from bill heard in Antioch TN. since 1979 I have purchased several new gm vehicles. I will however not buy another. your eagerness to close a sale is only exceeded by the vigor to discharge any complaint by lying, fraud, procrastination, your favorite, just weaaaaaring us down until we can pursue the problem no longer. we have to work regularly or be fired and you know this, this is why you keep dealing for more time. the vibration, whining from rearend, wind noise, sounds like my camaro clay is driving. I never got it fixed either. I am sure this is a complete waste of time, but I bought two new gm cars in 99 and all the brake rotors and drums were badly out of balance. no tire of any brand will do any better. I have found spin balancing on the car is the only way to over come the wheel vibration, a statement you will never hear a your dealers.
Larry Sons-Altamonte TN

I just completed a buy-back with GM. I had a 99 Cavalier convertible which had been in the shop several times for a leaky top and a faulty power window. I filed the paperwork with the BBB on the advice of my dealer's service advisor. In less than 2 weeks I had a call from the GM Repurchase Center. I was faced with the same problems as you mentioned - I had gotten a good discount on the Cavalier because it was a demo, plus there was a $2K rebate on it. If they had just repurchased the car I would have lost all that. When I brought this up, they offered to do the repurchase-trade, which allowed me to trade sticker price (less the standard deduction for mileage) to sticker price. I ended up with a Camaro Z/28, something I would not have been able to get without them letting me carry over the rebate and good discount I got on the Cavalier . The biggest problem I faced on this was the fact my dealership didn't have ANY idea how this should be handled. They finally wrote it up as a trade, which allowed me to get the sales tax benefit just like I had traded my car on theirs. Except for the frustration of having the dealership muddle through the process, I was happy with the way it was handled. 

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