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Do you have a GM Lemon Truck?

If you own a 1999, 2000, or 2001 General Motors Full Size Pick Up, odds are that your truck has at least one of the many design flaws (here is a list of reported defects) published on this web site. Many of the 1999 and 2000 models were plagued with several different vibrations  that  General Motors has been unable to repair in many cases. For 2001 they have added new frame braces that probably are an attempt to stop the shakes. Owners have affectionately nicknamed their trucks "Shakerados". 

My personal experience began when I purchased a 1999 GMC Sierra from Mitchell GMC in West Point, MS. I noticed what I thought to be a wheel out of balance the first week I owned it. Upon taking it to the Dealer's Service Department the next week, I was told that General Motors was having a problem with this type of vibration and they were working to resolve it. Well that was a year ago and I still got the "shakes". If you want to hear the whole sorted tale read "My Sad Sierra" . Since I first posted a few items on this web site, owners with the same problems appeared from nowhere. There were very few places to get information about these problems or find out what others had done to try and resolve their issues. Only a couple of bulletin boards, Edmund's and Pacific Audio, held information about the issues. I decided these problems obviously were effecting a large group of people and we needed a place to archive others experiences, so others could get a head start on their own resolution.

If you have a Shakerado it will depend on which vibration you have as to whether you can have it corrected effectively. Look at the List of Reported Defects to understand the differences. If you determine you cannot have the defect repaired to your satisfaction, you should get the Better Business Bureau involved immediately. The BBB will force General motors to address your problem. They will initiate arbitration that can actually force them to "Buy Back Your Truck". If you have the vibration I have, General Motors probably won't even bother going through the arbitration. You should also check out your state's Lemon Laws to be sure you don't wait too long. 

I finally got GM to Buy Back my Lemon Truck and I bought a new Yukon. I couldn't bring myself to buy another truck, since I know the 2001s shake too! My ordeal with GM is over. I scanned in most of the Buy Back documents, they are listed in the blue table to the right. I will continue to update this web site as time allows. If anyone is interested in helping drop me a line

Thanks for visiting us and thanks for all the moral support many of you have offered. I hope the information that I have compiled here helps you. Please let me know if you have a suggestion that will improve the information contained here.