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Make GM Buy Back Your Lemon!

Ok, so you've had it with your Lemon Truck and want GM to buy it back! I understand and have been through it all and get ready cause they don't want to Buy it Back. Hell why would they want a defective truck! So lesson one is be persistent, do not take no for an answer. When they do make their first offer, realize it's just that a "first" offer. The first time I met with the Zone Manager his first offer was for me to pay 20% usage on the purchase price. This was based on miles driven/100,000. It amounted to about $4,400. Then he went to .20 per mile a little later cause the lemon law in MS only allows that. Then we were down to $3,400 usage. About a month later we settled with GM actually paying me $400 more in cash than I actually paid for the truck! They also refunded all the GM Card dollars I had used. However they did not refund the regular rebate I had used. All said and done I was satisfied with what I took away from the table. And you can be too!  

Step 1:
Learn about the Lemon Laws in your state. You can look them up at Understand how they apply to your situation. If you they are favorable then tell everyone involved about how your truck qualifies and that you will pursue legal action if something can't be worked out quickly. Be sure to check your states time limits .. do not let GM drag you past the time to file against them! 

Step 2:
Call GM customer service (what an oxymoron) and get a case number. Explain every problem you have so they will be documented. Tell these people you are filing with the BBB, that you know these trucks are problematic and you are going to pursue a Buy Back or legal action. Email me your story via the send GM Email link. I will post and GM customer service will get a copy.

Step 3:
Contact the General Manager or Owner of the dealership. Tell them what you told the customer service rep above. Again, tell them you know the trucks are being repurchased because of vibrations. Take print outs of the letters poster here or from My dealer actually was on my side against GM. They wanted my truck out of their shop. It was costing them money too. In some states you actually file suit against the dealership, not GM. GM steps in and assumes the liability. Anyway you look at it, the dealer doesn't want you to pursue legal action. Word of mouth can really hurt his business. Let him know that you expect his support! Tell him you want the Zone Rep to meet with you and look at your truck.

Step 4:
Fill out the Better Business Bureau on-line form. They will send you a copy of it to check and correct. You must sign and return it. You can speed up the process by a week if you fax it back to them at 1-703-247-9700. Be sure to included anything and everything that is or was wrong with your vehicle. You must state what you want done about the matter. I would suggest you think about it ... do you really want another GM truck. What will you lose if you ask for cash back? I took the cash and bought a Yukon. Different design no vibs, couldn't bring myself to buy another shaker. Some things to consider: Rebates are non-refundable, if your trade-an was a large amount you may have to pay an tremendous amount of sales tax when you buy another with the cash refund. GM does do what is called a "Trade Buy Back". It allows you to keep all your rebates and trade for the difference in MSRPs. That will keep sales tax to the difference too. So investigate that they probably won't offer it up front.

Step 5:
Wait for the Better Business Bureau to contact you. It took them about a week in my case. They told me the case would be resolved in 40 days. See you can see light at the end of the tunnel now!

Step 6:
Now, wait for GM to contact you....try not to worry. They are counting on that. Remember they know what they are doing and why. You can win just keep your cool. Be NICE but persistent with all parties involved! 

Step 7:
If you really have a shaker ... and you didn't wait too long it will work out. Remember don't wait too long. They are going to be very knowledgeable of your states lemon laws. The rep at the Buy Back center I had looked mine up while we talked. Knowledge is power!

Step 8:
Be creative! Think of ways to further your case. If you have the time start a web page. There is strength in numbers. Post your problem often in as many places as you can think of. Send Email to anyone you think might care and be in a position to help.

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